the different ways for implementing azure devops

The different ways for implementing Azure DevOps?

DevOps implementation became easier with Azure DevOps. It is a broad range of services from Microsoft where they merge DevOps services into their cloud platform, Azure. Their service makes everything a piece of cake namely organizational approach, application development alongside automated deployment.

Azure DevOps service is a cloud platform designed for any platform and any language. It has everything you need; to turn an idea into software, plan a project with agile tools, manage test plans from the web and deploy your solution in an incredible platform with CI/CD platform for traceability and more productivity.

Employing these ways, employing Azure DevOps services will not be in vain.

Updated Azure DevOps services

Visual studio team service’s future version is Azure DevOps. It provides full-fledged services for development and deployment.

Azure Pipelines

It lets you build, test, deploy and manage software in the cloud or other platforms. Some of the renowned Azure pipelines include Tox, Pipenv, Atom, CPython and visual studio code. It also allows working on a variety of languages like Python and Java at the same time testing applications on different operating systems.

Add on features:
  • Ability to switch up cloud platform and ensure software delivery
  • Ease in handling container registries
  • Unending access for implement and deploy tasks along with extensions from Slack to Sonarcloud.
Azure  Boards

Azure Boards are the best to track work status and ensure work progress. Flexible planning and brainstorming ideas into action is possible with this. Azure boards comprise bespoke dashboards, backlogs and support for Scrum and Kanban.

Add on features:
  • A record of every change you make on code and to your team when linked to work items.
  • Quick sprints and planning meeting are possible with ready to use Scrum boards.
  • Track the status of work using smart analytical tools and dashboard widgets
Azure Test plans

Improving testing is attainable with Azure test plans. They are exploratory testing solutions for enhancing code quality.

Add on features:
  • During testing, you can correct glitches easily
  • Test applications on desktop or web applications
  • Use of Azure DevOps cloud tools
  • End to end tracing features for the best features
Azure DevOps tools

Azure DevOps tools are of many kinds and using the best tools provide more agility and continuity for your business operations.

  1. Jenkins: It is an open-source server for deployment and building applications. CI/CD setup is easy with Jenkins
  2. Ansible: It allows you to automate deployment. Cloud provisioning and configuration management.
  3. Chef Automate: It is also a tool for building, deploying, and managing cloud infrastructure.
  4. Puppet Enterprise: It is a tool for automating the entire lifecycle of Azure infrastructure.
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