the best practices for implementing devsecops

The best practices for implementing DevSecOps

DevSecOps is adopted by large and small-scale businesses for overall productivity and pace up with the competition. Security is of major concern for companies and to acquire top-notch security they need professional tools and industry-specific practices.

With the introduction of these practices, security will be the prime focus of any DevSecOps methodology and try to inbuilt in the early stages of software development. Major DevSecOps consulting services adapt and pace up with these practices for better outcomes.

Importance of DevSecOps consulting services

The Waterfall development model is a pretty straightforward approach for software development. It is

a sequential model that follows a specific pattern and will have the following phases:


  • Requirement gathering
  • Software design
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Maintenance

This model has many downsides as the project takes a lot of time and it is not compatible to welcome any changes to the software in any phase. Besides, it is expensive and finally results in customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, DevSecOps guarantee great performance, integrates changes leading to great customer satisfaction. It embraces automation tests, secure coding practices and testing automation. DevSecOps consulting services are good at applying its brand new practices to your business.

The best practices for implementing DevSecOps

Implementing DevSecOps in your business is a great way to achieve stability and high productivity. With the help from a DevSecOps consulting service, you too can see the difference in operations.

  • Make it speedy

Speed is the key in DevSecOps. By automating deployment and securing code the required swiftness can be achieved. Security concerns have great relevance. Therefore, all security controls and tests are integrated early into the development process.

  • Ensure code dependencies are safe

Using code dependencies is vital for software development, But, be cautious to use third-party dependencies. Therefore, it is recommended to use open source components for wider adoption of DevSecOps practices.

  • Invest in threat modeling

Threat modeling is vital for identifying risk elements in DevSecOps. Before shifting to DevSecOps, it is good to run a threat modeling exercise to understand the threats towards your assets.

  • Select the best tools

Agile DevSecOps tools help developers to come up with software delivery on time without losing customer satisfaction. It is also important to select the best security tools for integrating the DevOps pipeline.

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