best Devops consulting practises is here to stay

Best Devops consulting practices is here to stay!

Due to continual best practices and the constant evolving of DevSecOps in 2021 also, a strong defensive approach for application security is here to stay. The facets mentioned below will tell you more about the importance of Devops Companies, the DevSecOps initiatives they take, and why you need them for advanced Devops consulting practices.

Significance of DevSecOps, Devops Companies, and Devops consulting

DevSecOps has the notion that business enterprises will pass on application security responsibilities to developers. Now if this notion is right, the developers will require access to a variety of tools for code analysis and accomplish that responsibility. To do so, the major hindrance before them is to use tools from different vendors working along with the DevSecOps team. The correct approach for that might be using the static application security tool or SAST against the dynamic application security tool or DAST that can carry out the stress-tests for the app before deploying. 

It’s no wonder that the providers of SAST and DAST are beginning to work along with vendors for security orchestration. The director for product marketing of a renowned organization recently stated that the businesses that use DevSecOps are considering two to three standardized tools for ensuring application security protection. This eradicates the risk factor of considering only a single tool for discovering threats. The director also said that no organization can depend on just a single tool for discovering and preventing all cybersecurity issues at the correct time. Therefore DevOps team must ensure proper integration of different security tools and ensure optimal protection. 

Best Devops consulting practices

Though by now we know that there should be proper work coordination between the cybersecurity team and the DevOps team, the cultural division between them remains. This is why Devops Companies should create better strategies that help to provide unified solutions. The developers of Devops Companies require proper tools to identify cybersecurity threats as they are writing the codes. Adding to that, they should also focus on conducting timely tests for flagging any possible vulnerabilities and prevent them from creating further issues. 

Focus more on improving security features    

 Devops Companies should focus more on improving security features. To do so, the current gap that is there between DevOps and the cybersecurity team must be bridged in a much more effective way. The basic challenge now lies with the DevOps team for providing the required tools to the developers to ensure secured applications. Application security must be given top priority especially when there is a commitment of prompt delivery without any technical glitches in between. The DevOps team should also give more prominence in securing the runtimes and also the hosts which are used for deploying the application builds. Ultimately it is the responsibility of DevSecOps to make other team members also accountable for ensuring proper cybersecurity within the organization. 

Ultimately if you want to do DevOps better, there should be shared responsibility to reduce cybersecurity incidents by enhancing controls and integrating security with quick feedback processes in practice. 

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