how devsecops trends influence devsecops consulting services in 2021

How DevSecOps trends influence DevSecOps consulting services in 2021?

DevOps approach is quite understood by everyone and many more companies are taking advantage of it. But, there is DevSecOps an integrated approach especially dedicated to security. Implementing DevSecOps consulting services has long-lasting and multidimensional benefits for businesses.

The DevSecOps consulting services proved to be essential for enhanced digital transformation, especially during a global pandemic. Businesses and organizations realized the importance of DevSecOps in accelerating their business pace. 

Every business wants to provide greater transparency, swiftness in product delivery to the end-user without any breaches on security and performance. That is what DevSecOps consulting services offer to your business. DevSecOps is the classy software development methodology at present and will continue to exist in future for coming up with on-time software delivery. 

What future holds for DevSecOps

Nowadays DevSecops is focused on security as it assures codes are safe and secure. The following are the best trends in DevSecOps. Many DevSecOps consulting services are welcoming new perspectives and trends. 

  • Automation and ML will rule the DevOps

Automated tasks in DevSecOps will be soon common. The development, workflow, testing and deployment will be automated. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help to automate DevOps practices. Doing so will automate security checks in infrastructure and the DevSecOps pipeline.

  • High focus on security

DevOps and DevSecOps almost share the same mindset or philosophy. But more importance is given to security in DevSecOps. Nowadays, companies are making use of containerized environments for creating products. Therefore, automated and full-fledged security with DevSecOps is essential.

  • Developers will lead the way

In former days, the security of the product is the sole responsibility of InfoSec. Now, the concern of security is adopted in the early development process. The team of developers will have an exceptional skill set in handling security and the tools will be of top-notch standard. 

  • Secure architecture

End-users always prefer applications that provide adaptive experience. To come up with these applications, complex architecture and deployment capabilities are required. Secure architecture is the solution to flawless applications. Creating design systems for effective architecture avoids failures such as data breaches and security vulnerabilities hindering access to users. 

  • Software development will be executed in an ecosystem

DevOps, Designers, data analysts, developers are pillars of the software development ecosystem. These four Ds together work for better DevSecOps practices. First of all, designers craft the best user experience and developers design the code for the front and back end. After that, combining these two into a smarter system is the responsibility of data analysts. The final output is produced by the DevOps team by deploying and managing the application. 

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