how devops as a service use ansible and puppet for automation

How DevOps as a service use Ansible and Puppet for automation?

Consistent configuration and automation are necessary for the successful practice of DevOps. DevOps as a service produce the best performance with the help of engineers, developers and system administrators. They have to monitor many servers at a time and the reliability of infrastructure depends upon consistent configuration.

When you use DevOps as a service, you will find numerous configuration platforms.  It is up to each business to select the best from an array of configuration management platforms. These definitions are used to make consistent changes on any servers which they run. Two major platforms are Ansible and puppet.


Ansible is a configuration management tool as well as an application deployment tool used in DevOps culture. DevOps as a service get along with this tool written in Python at the same time written in a user-oriented manner. It is maintained by Redhat. The “playbooks” in Ansible elucidates the step taken to configure a server.

One of the features of Ansible is it does not need any additional package downloads. Instead, it requires a control node as it is the primary source of modules. It is extensible and developers can write or add their own modules into the tool. Besides, it is an open course platform though it has an enterprise offering. It supports dashboards, role-based access control, job scheduling and graphical inventory management.


DevOps as a service is embraced by many organizations and puppet is used by many. It is an automation platform written in C++ and Ruby, administrated by puppet Inc. Ruby-based puppet DSL  is used in a declarative framework. It is a cross-platform DevOps tool.

Unlike Ansible, it utilizes client-server architecture and a puppet agent is installed for any servers managed by puppet. It is also extensible and the only thing you need to converse in Ruby.

Comparison of puppet and Ansible

Both are different in their own way and selection depends upon your goals.

  • Easiness

Ansible is known for its easy setup as the ‘playbooks’ are easy to decipher. People can generally pick it up than puppet. The reason is it makes use of ruby- adjacent language with its puppet DSL.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility also matters. Reusable segments in Puppet can be used in any order as you wish. Whereas, Ansible has commands to be strictly structured.

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