Can we use Kubernetes and Docker together 1

Can we use Kubernetes and Docker together?

Kubernetes and Docker. They are fundamentally different open source platforms used for the orchestration of containers. Kubernetes is an out-of-the-box container orchestration tool and runs on clusters whereas Docker swarm runs on single codes. The Kubernetes consulting company uses it as an orchestration tool in order to ensure productivity in a cloud environment.

It is stated that Kubernetes had announced they will be removing docker support after version 1.20. But you might think about what this all means to your business. A Kubernetes consulting company can help you sort out all dilemmas about docker support in Kubernetes.

The meaning of Kubernetes deprecation of docker

Kubernetes is moving away from Docker but you can use it as a development tool. Kubernetes and Docker are two different environments. Kubernetes relies on a third-party platform for managing running containers on a machine. It is called container runtime. Container runtime runs containers.

Docker, as a container runtime is not complement with the CRI container runtime interface. On the other hand, Kubernetes works well with CRI. CRI is a middle man between container runtime and Kubernetes for communication. And any runtime compact with container runtime interface automatically works with Kubernetes. It is removing Docker as a container runtime. So, changing your container runtime from docker might work for you. There are numerous options such as containers and CRI- O. The change affects how you interact with Kubernetes. If you are unsure about what to do with the change, a Kubernetes consulting company can help you.

But this does not mean, Docker can not be used in Kubernetes. Developers can use Docker and its images. It can really support the ecosystems and help you streamline workflow. A renowned Kubernetes consulting company helps you built Docker’s OCI image format.

Kubernetes consulting company also helps you use Docker as a useful development tool. In other words, you can still use its registries from a Docker hub and it can manage built-in images.

What you can do?

As we have seen, if you are relying on Kubernetes, you can change your container runtime from Docker to any other. If you need upgrading, ask your Kubernetes consulting company to remove support for Docker to existing Kubernetes nodes.

In short, container images, runtimes, and registry servers never change in Kubernetes and Docker. But, Docker as a runtime container fad away. Instead, container engines with CRI compliant like containers thrive. And all these mean nothing to a basic functionary perspective.

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