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What is operational maturity, is it really required?

There is no dearth for new tools, new strategies, and new value-added management solutions. However, a vast majority of tech scale-ups are going through a great deal of pressure for accelerating their business growth and improve customer services. To ensure optimal business growth and customer satisfaction, it is required to shift the focus to daily operations and the underlying infrastructure too. It is the operational maturity of an IT organization that plays a significant role to accomplish maximum business goals.

Operational maturity

The operational maturity of an organization can be viewed in the consistency, resilience, and reliability of its IT infrastructure and how well it is managed. It is the actual value of effective measures deployed to ensure optimal business growth. Tech scale-ups reach their full potential when there is an effective balance between energy and time invested for operational maturity and the measures taken for product innovation.

Why operational maturity is more than an option

Unexpected and unwanted cracks happen during the growth phase of a business enterprise and the main reason is a lack of proper operational maturity. This lack of adequate operational maturity can be evident through lengthy release cycles, repeated outages, and error-prone processes. When you look in a bit deeper you will also understand that your database is not up to the mark, disaster recovery is not as quick it ought to be and application security is not as strong as it should be. All these are clear indications that your operational maturity is not in sync with your aspiring business ambitions. 

There is no other option than to reprioritize operability when tell-tale performance issues occur. But choosing the best ways to go for it is not that easy. You must invest your time and energy into innovation with equal importance given to operability for eradicating escalated problems. You should be able to strike the proper balance between operability and business innovation. Just because you are focusing on operational maturity, you cannot put your production on hold and wait until the best operational strategies are formed. This will make your competitors race ahead of you and there is no point in wasting time. Therefore it is highly recommended that you prioritize the operational aspects that you find the most applicable to your business enterprise and work on them for the best overall results. 

Rearchitecting for growth and development

Most of the tech scale-ups are indeed different in terms of their size, functional set-up, and volume of production, etc. At the same time, the operational challenges based on the infrastructure is a common thing for all these organizations. It is always beneficial when you can make a little space for addressing the operational issues rather than putting innovations on hold. You can think about rearchitecting or modernizing parts of a given application using CI/CD code pipelines. This is very helpful in eliminating daily operational toil. Over time, the cumulative impact of such steps will surely turn the tides and make it favorable for your business growth. 

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