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Availing the right transformation plans with devops companies

Most advanced devops companies create DevOps solutions and tools with the sole intention of scaling up business functions and provide optimal results. However, there is a major transformation mistake that most organizations keep repeating. It is nothing else but to keep rushing for launching a complete DevOps transformation plan before making the case for ‘why the “status quo” is not good enough’. 

Most transformation plans fail

We all know that change can be hard at times and this might be the reason why transformation efforts fail most of the time. To initiate and lead a change program can perhaps be one of the toughest things that you can do in your professional career. Most of the changes are action-oriented and teams will rush into the real change scenario themselves by proceeding with new transformation techniques, tools, and new working methodologies. All these steps are effective only when they focus a bit more on laying the actual groundwork for the transformation. The foremost thing for any change team to carry out as a first step is to find an explanation to ‘why “status quo” is no more good enough’ before initiating a discussion regarding the DevOps transformation. 

Creating sense of urgency

John Kotter prefers to call “creating a sense of urgency” the first and important of the 8 steps that he has outlined in his popular Harvard Business Review article known as “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail” published in 1995. The 8 steps can be comprised as 1, “Creating a sense of urgency” 2, “Form a powerful coalition” 3, “Create a vision for change” 4, “Communicate the vision” 5, “Empower action” 6, “Create quick wins” 7, “Build on the change” 8, “Make it stick”

“When is urgency rate high enough? From what I have seen, the answer is when about 75% of a company’s management is honestly convinced that business-as-usual is unacceptable.”

John Kotter, HBR (1995)

This was an honest opinion rather suggestion by Kotter to help you get going with transformation in the best possible ways to produce better results. You always need to start with establishing a wide consensus “change should happen”. Now you are good to go. The next step is to take the conversation to the next level by bringing in the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of the process for transformation and create a favorable ambiance for the action to follow. 

Therefore if you are going ahead with leading transformation within your business enterprise, be sure to create the ground for success first. This can be done by identifying and communicating the major reasons why there should be a change in the first place before taking drastic steps to change people’s behavior and their ways of working.

 Patience is a great virtue. Your patience and the time taken to analyze the root problems will certainly pay off. It’s no more “business as usual” mode. There are eminent devops companies out there who can provide you with state-of-the-art transformation tools and solutions. With the facts mentioned here, now you have 100% chances for a successful business transformation by joining hands with a trusted name among devops companies. Be prepared to enjoy the benefits. 

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