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Incorporating DevOps with your Business Intelligence Strategy

If the data acquired in an organizational structure is not organized, it is hard to make any sense out of it. The success of the data intelligence always aids in the effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Adopting DevOps principles while implementing BI methods will help in improving data quality and inter-team communication. If the data is new, important, and uncorrupted, the outcomes obtained from it will be beneficial. However, defining ‘new’ and ‘important’ is a challenge indeed when dealing with various data streams that are growing continuously. 

Traditionally, BI applications process the data they collect in large quantities, often leading to blunders. This points out the necessity of adopting a DevOps approach to data mining. This helps to automate the testing process making it more accurate.  Analyzing the data in this way helps you bypass errors and misconceptions that will block your progress later on.

Enterprises who have chosen a DevOps strategy to BI claim to have a deeper immeasurable situational consciousness than ever before. As most company owners comprehend, possessing all of the technology in the universe won’t replace the vitality of communication within your team and across team units. If the team members are not acting together to interpret and utilize the data that’s accessible to them, it will obstruct your organization from reaping the rewards of business intelligence.  

One of the fundamental policies of the DevOps process is collaboration. Making sure your team is steadily in communication about what they are finding in the data you have collected is essential to get the maximum out of business intelligence both short-term and beyond.

Business intelligence is not just limited to data warehouses (DW) and ETL (Extract Transform Load). It also encompasses services between the ETL processes as well as the middleware and dashboard visualizations. Communication and negotiating agreements among these layers is complicated and demands much efficient coordination. 

DevOps benefits facilitate this with repeated deployments and testing. The DevOps approach is a part of the agile methodology that encourages continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the scheme. Crashes aren’t only presumed, but encouraged. By implementing the identical policies to Business Intelligence deployment, businesses can customize their solutions to an exceptional degree.

“Traditional IT has always feared change, which is the main root cause for most of the operational issues. A way to minimize change was to slow down the delivery processes with numerous review, assessment, and approval workflows. However, today change is not only inevitable but necessary in order to deliver the speed and agility expected from IT by business… DevOps is frequently viewed as a synonym to speed but like in racing, higher speed should come with greater safety.”

– Sasha Gilenson, CEO of Evolven

DevOps intersects over organizational hierarchy, demanding everybody, from the administration to the front end developers and testers, to adopt failures as long as the successive step is an elevation. This strategy moves BI users closer to the ‘authenticity’ of their profession and promotes shaping the BI solution as an annex of their organizational ‘intuition’.

The DevOps procedure accelerates Data Warehouse (DW) management by drawing all stakeholders to the table and making them accountable. Their role is no longer to simply give consent, but be available for further feedback and advice until the solution is ‘deployable’. Prompt feedback helps keep the solution consistent and productive. DevOps enhance the situational awareness of business owners, enabling them to make more knowledgeable judgments.

Devising a BI solution that truly delivers value to all stakeholders, would unquestionably demand DevOps. What are your thoughts regarding this? Have you used DevOps in your business to deploy Business Intelligence? Let us know your insights in the comments below.

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