why are companies keen on preparing a devops environment for devsecops

Why are companies keen on preparing a DevOps environment for DevSecOps?

The world of remote working is here to stay as the pandemic looms overhead than expected. IT companies around the world are realizing the exponential change in the workplace; as most companies are experimenting with hybrid work and fully remote working. DevOps consulting also contributes to the changing work culture in many ways. As more and more employees work remotely, companies rely on rigid and modern DevOps practices more than ever. 

Now, the trend is also upwards as many companies go on with the waterfall model and adopt DevOps consulting. The changed work mode needs efficient, faster software deployment and to achieve that many adopt DevOps in the first place. 

DevOps for fast teams

Productivity will be at its peak with teams that enable DevOps enabled teams as they are able to deliver quality code at a faster pace. DevOps consulting makes your team more efficient and they can easily meet market demands by integrating various tools within CI/CD pipelines. 

When you adopt DevOps consulting in your work, the worrying factor is enterprise security. Security vulnerabilities in code and configuration pose a lot of challenges to your business. To make the DevOps practices effective, your business needs to automate the security processes at the top of the delivery pipeline. The overall DevOps environment is essential for achieving automated security with DevSecOps. 

If your company has a successful DevOps consulting and as a result a matured DevOps environment, DevSecOps deployment will be successful. It covers core principles of collaboration, automation and measurement. 

How to mature our existing DevOps system

With the help of  DevOps consulting in India, you can create an effective DevOps system that resonates with DevSecOps practices. 

  • Continuous automation before the pipeline

A survey conducted by Puppet revealed that change management, application’s organizational change and infrastructure are the factors that contribute to a mature DevOps environment. Companies with automated change management outnumber their competitors concerning the DevOps environment.

The reason is automation enables a change management process and it can prevent other barriers to DevOps. All change management will take place in real-time by collecting data from the CI/CD pipeline. DevSecOps tools applied in such an environment provide high security for the enterprise.

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