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The most awaited DevOps trends of 2021

The impact of Covid-19 was detrimental to both business organizations and the lives of people across the globe. No one saw it coming. It’s been more than a year since the advent of the pandemic. Most of the companies, fortunately, got the chance to make a proper analytical study about the ongoing situation and the apt measures to be taken for bouncing back in the best possible ways. In this context, we can say that it was a long and successful journey for DevOps till now and it is expected to continue in the years to come. Let’s dive into the most anticipated trends of DevOps in 2021 and what are the business benefits of collaborating with an eminent devops service provider in the future.

Migration to microservices 

Effectual migration to the microservices architecture from the conventional monolithic architecture will become imperative for all business organizations if they want to pursue a profitable journey ahead. It’s no more an option but an important criterion. This is exactly where you are going to see the increased adoption of Kubernetes technology. And when this happens, Terraform is expected to be the perfect choice for automating the infrastructure. You will be on the right track of migrating to microservices when you have the technical backup of a prominent devops service provider. 

Hybrid; The new deployment norm     

Post pandemic, a vast majority of business organizations resorted to the work from the home norm or remote work culture. This made DevOps become an important requisite of every business rather than just being the best practice. An innovative devops service provider can now provide you all the technical solutions and strategies that you need to become successful. The industry is all set for embracing hybrid, and that too on multiple levels as we are moving ahead in 2021. On a first level, it is expected that industries will deploy a hybrid workforce that has the benefits of both remote work culture and on-premise team coordination. Proceeding to the second level, most of the business models will become hybrid. This will be done by having conferences that will be merging virtual scale into the local networking. And in the third and final stage, we will see hybrid emerging as the omg onion ultimate norm for deployment as business organizations will be keener in modernizing their stack for enjoying the maximum benefits of cloud-based technologies. Companies that are expected to become successful in 2021 will be the ones who have effectively adopted hybrid across their entire business models and operations. 

Importance of DataOps 

As 2021 proceeds, there will be more demand for effective DataOps because of the widespread work from the home norm. The usage of digital content will increase tremendously. This will call in for an advanced level of automation required mainly by the self-healing as well as self-scaling systems for meeting the increased demand and growth. With the help of a sound devops service provider, you can scale up your DataOps and other related operations in a highly effective way. 

As more organizations are rushing to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, it is obvious that software development has become a crucial revenue channel rather than just a business investment. At this juncture, we can see that it is the innovative DevOps solutions that will help us to overcome the challenges in a successful way. It is no wonder more and more companies are in the pursuit of a top-notch devops service provider to enjoy the maximum advantages in this post-pandemic business market. 

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