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Cloud Monitoring With Prometheus Part – 1

Cloud computing is one of the most used technology in the world. Since almost every business is managed over the cloud platform, the need for monitoring tools of the business is essential. Cloud monitoring tools are needed because through monitoring, the performance of applications using cloud services can be analysed and various processes can be reviewed ensuring reliability and efficiency. Currently, there are many tools used for monitoring. One such tool is Prometheus.

The birth at SoundCloud

Prometheus was originally developed by online audio distribution platform SoundCloud on 2012. The development of Prometheus was mainly due to many factors. Sound cloud was looking forward to implementing a microarchitecture system. They earlier used monitoring tools namely StatsD and Graphite, but these tools had certain limitations. The engineers at SoundCloud needed a monitoring tool which was:

  • Multidimensional data model
  • Powerful Query language
  • Simplified operation
  • Scalable data collection

But the catch was that all these features existed in different systems. Therefore, Prometheus is a pool of all those features combined together. Due to its support for multi-dimensional data collection and querying it is a perfect fit for monitoring containers and microservices.

The Popularity

Since its inception at SoundCloud, it has been adopted by almost every cloud-based companies for monitoring purposes. One reason for the popularity of Prometheus is that it was developed as an open source monitoring tool from the beginning and also it was designed as a reliable system. It is written in the Go language, developed by Google, which makes them easy to build and deploy as static binaries.

Another reason for its success is that it has a highly dimensional data model in which all the data are stored as a time series. These time series are identified by a metric name and a set of key-value pairs. PromQL, The powerful query language of Prometheus allows querying and graphing this data. This query language allows for slice and dice of data by any dimension.


The flexibility, performance and the ability to work in a dynamic or cloud-based environment made Prometheus as a popular monitoring and alerting tool for cloud-based systems.

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