devops as a service to application development

DevOps as a service to application development

DevOps as a service is a new approach to application development. DevOps as a service moves traditional development and operations team collaboration to the cloud, where many processes can be automated using stackable virtual development tools.

As more organizations embrace DevOps and migrate their apps to the cloud, the tools used in the build, test, and deployment processes will evolve, effectively transforming continuous delivery into a managed cloud service. We’ll look at what this entails and what it means for the next generation of DevOps teams.

DevOps as a service- Cloud Services

What exactly is cloud DevOps as a service? It is essentially the migration of your continuous delivery tools and processes to a hosted virtual platform. The delivery pipeline is reduced to a single sile where developers, testers, and operations professionals collaborate as one, and as much of the deployment process as possible is automated. Here are some of the more popular commercial options for cloud DevOps as a service.

DevOps as a service and AWS Tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has built a powerful global network capable of virtualizing some of the world’s most complex IT environments. AWS is a quick and relatively easy way to migrate your DevOps to the cloud, with fiber-connected data centers located worldwide and a payment schedule that measures exactly the services you use down to the millisecond of computing time.

CodeBuild AWS

AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed service for compiling code, automating quality assurance testing, and producing deployment-ready software. CodeBuild is extremely secure because each customer receives a unique encryption key to embed in every artifact created.

CodeBuild scales automatically and grows in response to your needs, even allowing for the simultaneous deployment of two different build versions, allowing for comparison testing in the production environment.

The cost-efficiency of CodeBuild is especially important for many organizations. Customers pay only for the milliseconds of computing time required to produce releases. It integrates seamlessly with other Amazon services to add power and flexibility on demand without spending six figures on hardware to support development.

CodePipeline AWS

You set parameters and build the model for your ideal deployment scenario using a slick graphical interface, and CodePipeline takes it from there. With no servers to provision or deploy, you can get up and running quickly, bringing continuous delivery to its truest form by executing automated tasks to complete the entire delivery cycle every time a change is made to the code.

CodePipeline comes with a large library of pre-built plugins to help you fine-tune your control, but it also integrates with popular third-party tools such as GitHub. You can even create your custom plugins to gain complete control over the pipeline process.

CodeDeploy AWS

Once a new build has passed through CodePipeline, CodeDeploy distributes the working package to each instance based on your pre-configured parameters. This makes it simple to synchronize builds and instantly patch or upgrade at the same time. CodeDeploy is code-agnostic, allowing it to integrate common legacy code easily. Every instance of your deployment is easily tracked in the AWS Management Console, and errors or problems can be easily rolled back via the GUI.

Combining these AWS tools with others in their extensive inventory provides all of the building blocks required to deploy a secure, scalable continuous delivery model in the cloud. Though the engineering changes are daunting, the long-term stability and savings make it a move worth considering sooner rather than later.

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