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The future looks promising with advanced DevOps practices

The widespread adoption of advanced DevOps practices is imperative when you want to have a competitive edge, especially in these post-pandemic times. With the help of a professional devops service provider, you will be fully equipped to overcome all the challenges and become a successful player in the tough business market. Read on to know more about the highly anticipated trends of DevOps that you need to check out in 2021 and the scope of joining hands with a technically sound and highly innovative devops service provider. 

Importance of resilience testing 

One of the significant changes or rather an improvement can be seen in the area of resilience testing. It is because the successful connection between performance analysis and resilience testing is going to become mainstream shortly for DevOps.  

GitOps will be widely practiced  

GitOps is the paradigm that empowers a devops service provider for performing all the important tasks that mainly comes under the scope of IT operations. It is the main operating model to build cloud-based applications with which you can amalgamate monitoring, management, and deployment. Business enterprises are now embracing innovative DevOps solutions like never before. The same is to tools that have resulted in the successful progression into GitOps, the group of practices that enable a devops service provider to effectively carry out more IT-related functionalities. GitOps being a major DevOps mechanism is mainly used for describing the tools that enhance the default functionality of Gits. More companies will start using GitOps as it is a strong workflow pattern with which they can effectively manage the advanced cloud infrastructure. 

Increased migrations to serverless 

It is expected there will be increased migrations to the serverless. If both containers along with orchestrations were the previous norms, live loads on the serverless will be the new buzz.  

Infrastructure as Code (Iac) 

Infrastructure as Code (Iac) is a principal theory of DevOps. All your basic infrastructures such as storage devices, servers, and networks that are functioning on-premises or in the cloud platform are defined by using code. This provides the capability for a company for automating and simplifying its infrastructure. Iac is very effectual in delivering a flawless version control mechanism for the overall infrastructure. 

DevSecOps and DevOps 

There are all probabilities for DevSecOps to become the default component of DevOps. DevSecOps is going to be an essential factor in the process of software development. There will be dedicated security measures inside both CI and CD pipelines. The automated awareness and action for security are going to be an integral part of the pipeline steps.  

Autonomous IT 

Automation is not a new thing for a devops service provider or the DevOps community as a whole. Better automation initiatives will be in high demand throughout 2021. This will be done by not just automating the complete pipeline but also with the successful integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Machine Learning (ML). You will be able to correctly identify where the capacity issues arise when you apply advanced ML to your delivery cycles. 

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