All about CAMS approach to DevOps

All about CAMS approach to DevOps

Nowadays, the relevance of DevOps-centric practices accelerated like never before due to its winning advantages such as technical and operational. DevOps is regarded as a philosophy or mindset with a lot of combined practices. Thus, there is no single path to DevOps implementation. The taken DevOps approach must be able to bring favorable outcomes for your company. The role of a DevOps consulting company in faster software development is noteworthy. 

CAMS core values in DevOps

CAMS is a renowned DevOps approach developed and implemented by Damon Edwards and John Willis. Around the world, many developers and DevOps engineers rely on this approach to achieve a great pace in software development. CAMS is the abbreviation that stands for core values such as culture, automation, measurement and sharing. 


Sharing is meant for collaboration. Sharing responsibilities, problems and ideas lead to great collaboration between operations and development teams. Knowledge sharing, responsibility sharing and other frequent interactions are the primary keys to successful DevOps practices. 

For example, the Formation of teams including diverse talents to get varied ideas and outcomes. 


To deliver the best value and timely delivery, measurement to DevOps is exemplary. 

Measurement is all about a rational approach to the process. The selected metrics have to be properly incentivized to get a comprehensive insight into what is going on in your team. Environment for continuous learning and bidirectional feedback loops help in measurement. It has to be incorporated on daily basis to get the best insights. 

For example, Employees surveys or end-user surveys. 


The development and operation team should not act like silos if you wish to acquire fast software development. The automation takes place in both groups changing the underlying behaviors in your culture. The automation tools and the process in DevOps allow you to streamline all the cultural behaviors in a well-defined manner. Besides, it eliminates errors. A low level of variable, repeated tasks benefits from automation. All automated processes are repeatable and can be easily automated in the future. CAMS approach provides great importance to prioritizing automation to reap all other DevOps benefits. 

For example: Build and release software automatically.


A reliable DevOps approach never completes without culture. The silos, development and operational teams merge together towards a common goal- Software development despite their different goals. It unifies the processes, thinking patterns, behaviours to get a mutual understanding. The fundamental goal of providing value to customers go hand in hand with understanding end user’s demands and expectations. This can be achieved only with culture. Delivering high-quality products meeting your customer’s requirements will be more viable with DevOps strategies. The DevOps culture promotes unity among DevOps engineers as well as developers. That leads to high-quality product delivery.  

For example, asking users about the functionalities of a particular product at a recurring period. 

In a nutshell

CAMS approach proved to be auspicious as a right implementation of DevOps. It weaves certain core values such as automation, sharing, culture and measurement. CAMS approach to DevOps solves many business and cultural problems. The fundamental yet reinforcing values of DevOps in CAMS are namely culture, automation, measurement and sharing. All these values incorporated in your DevOps implementation brings a fast pace along with accuracy in software development. 

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