How can you use Googles new tool for Kubernetes delivery 1

How can you use Google’s new tool for Kubernetes delivery?

Many companies want more agility, effective deployment and timely software delivery for meeting their customer’s ever-increasing requirements. It is not a piece of cake. But,  embracing microservice environment deployment is much hassle-free. The widespread acceptance of microservices and containerization platforms led to the rise of Kubernetes consulting.

 Kubernetes was invented by Google and now is one of the renowned container orchestration platforms used by companies despite its size. Being a lightweight application virtualization technology, Kubernetes has gained much popularity. With Kubernetes, you can run and deploy applications in a container-centric environment. 

Kubernetes: Google’s containerization platform

What makes Kubernetes the best platform for companies are the following:

  • Replication of components
  • Auto-scaling
  • Load balancing
  • Rolling updates
  • Authentication
  • Logging across components

Google Cloud Deploy, New Google’s tool for GKE

The new Google’s tool, Google cloud deploy in Kubernetes accelerates the quality of continuous delivery. It increases the reliability of Google’s Kubernetes Engine. The top concern of Kubernetes experts long ago itself is easy continuous delivery. The process of deploying a container image in Kubernetes is an intricate and arduous task. But the good news is that the arrival of the new Kubernetes tool, Google cloud deploy can tackle many of the challenges developers face. The new mode of Google’s Kubernetes Engine is called autopilot as it manages all nodes and clusters while implementing the best practices for security. 

Some of the challenges are the following:

  • Ownership cost – The new Kubernetes tool can lower the cost of scaling and maintenance by providing a proper deployment. The operational cost of the Kubernetes CD pipeline is very high. Google Cloud Deploy replaces all self-managed continuous delivery solutions in order to provide more value to the end-user. 

With this tool, the release path production remains the same even if there is a change in the delivery pipeline. So, you can save a lot of time and effort with regard to troubleshooting issues.

  • Security and audit – The Google cloud deploy tool ensures advanced execution level security and secure auditing. The modern continuous delivery pipeline demands more security to ensure the authority of the user’s interaction. In order to maintain security, accessibility must be restrained. 

Fine-grained restriction, discreet resource access control, execution level security are some of the prominent security features in-built in the new tool. On the other hand, the audit in Google Cloud Deploy assures centralized awareness with regard to updates and specific releases. 

  • Integration – The new auto mode Kubernetes tool makes configuration across any production environment. The integration in GKE takes place in three ways. It provides third-party integrations via Pub/Sub notifications. Besides, it also supports connectivity to CI systems and support for leading configuration. 

In a nutshell

Google Cloud Deploy is designed to make the deployment process easier for your development team.  It is fundamentally a well-equipped deployment service model. Google says that with the new GKE tool acquiring continuous delivery is easy. Indeed, Google Cloud Deploy plays a great role in the complete CI/CD pipeline for effective software development. It is cost-effective and easy to use. 

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