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The cloud edge – migrating to Amazon Web Services

The best reason to move to the cloud is the flexibility and speed that they can move with. With cloud computing, access to thousands of servers can be done in minutes as opposed to the 14 weeks typically takes on-premises setting. AWS Cloud provides more than 90 services everything from computing, storage, and databases to continuous integration, data analytics, and artificial intelligence – at your convenience. The translates ideas to implementation in days rather than months.

There are a lot of reasons why businesses opting to migrate to the cloud. Some are migrating to the cloud to increase the productivity of their workforce and the quality of their products and services. Additionally, there are companies that are looking to completely redesign and re-engineer their business process using modern technology such as AWS cloud as part of a larger digitizing program. Organizations are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line by reducing their costs.

AWS Difference

Cutting down Costs

The price reduction with AWS cloud cannot ignore as it can cut costs associated with infrastructure, supply and demand dynamics, 90+ tools etc. Comparing AWS with the physical alternatives shows the difference what AWS cloud can give a business.

Effective Workforce & Increased Productivity

Productivity is increased with AWS cloud due to two advantages, the presence of over 90+ tools for every need suited to a diverse range of business. The ease of access to scalability options means to a cloud tailored made to individual business concerns.

Global presence and reduced risk

AWS has a global presence with 16 regions covering the whole world. This leads to a reduced risks to the business security and the business process.

Business Agility

Migrating to the AWS Cloud helps increase a company’s overall operational boundaries. This lets business react to market conditions, competition, and the trends more quickly and with a formidable response.

Who else uses AWS?

AWS is used by a diverse range of businesses finance to entertainment, This shows the different capabilities and the scalability of AWS. AWS has been used by Barclays Bank,  Merck, Pfizer, Shell, BP, GE, Philips, and Netflix.

About Us

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