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Digital innovation in these post pandemic times

The digital dependency of many business organizations got drastically increased after the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many leading companies are now keener in welcoming innovative changes which are imperative to sustain in the current business market. Read on to know more about the significance of digital innovation in these post-pandemic times.

Innovation is the key 

The need for innovation is increasing like never before. Digital transformation with the right innovative technologies is imperative for the continued growth and development.

Amplified digital drive 

According to recent business surveys, it is found that almost 40% of the tech giants believe that the pandemic has amplified their transformation to the innovative cloud platform. The usage of microservices and cloud-native architecture has increased in a very considerable way.

Quality matters 

The quality and enhanced security features of an application now matter a lot. The widespread urge of getting transformed into the cloud environment calls for the assurance of these two most important parameters. Application security is now the top priority for many leading business organizations as there is an increased vulnerability to cyber threats. Advanced cybersecurity protocols and improved DevSecOps initiatives can help you stay confident in the game.  

Open source and latest technologies

The budget for IT resources is increasing. So companies need to focus on technologies that improve efficiency when they are planning for an innovative transformation. More emphasis should be given on reduced deployment risk, increased collaboration, and increased development when getting introduced to new technologies. A vast majority of companies now rely on open-source software solutions. As a result, open-source is increasingly being embedded into many software projects. Open source is used mainly in infrastructure automation, service mesh, API design and testing, Kubernetes, CI/CD tools, and Docker containers. 


Is the term microservices new to you? Then be happy to know that applications based on microservices are going to be the future of IT organizations. Companies now believe that microservices are the integral factor for advanced application architecture that can provide the much-required digital innovation.  

Kubernetes becomes global 

Kubernetes is popular than ever before as it has become one of the most trusted open-source orchestration platforms. Though many companies still believe that factors such as monitoring, performance, and security need improvement, it’s expected these issues will get sorted out at the earliest for the better. 

Hybrid multi-cloud deployment 

The latest multi-cloud deployment scenario comes with a mixed backdrop of multiple cloud facilitators and on-premises servers. Migration to the cloud platform is on a constant increase for its numerous advantages. Expertise in modern cloud computing features is now counted as an inevitable factor to stay ahead in the digital race.  

Surfing the virtual wave

We can successfully surf the virtual waves of the post-pandemic times with the help of innovative technology. The need for innovation is rising. Only the business organizations that get adapted to the new digital norms will be able to thrive well in the future. Be ready to embrace innovative digital transformations and ensure your organization is on the right track. 

About Us 

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