How can AWS consulting companies ensure effective remote learning

How can AWS consulting companies ensure effective remote learning?

The expertise of AWS cloud consulting companies is used by millions of firms and organizations except IT enterprises. As we have already known, the pandemic has severely affected many sectors including education. For a long time, schools and colleges were shut for an unprecedented time. Going digital means everything remote. With the help of AWS cloud consulting companies, you can achieve digital transformation very easily.

According to UNESCO’s statistics report, 188 countries closed their educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. It is a clear reminder about the need to embrace digital transformation in education. 

How can you rely on AWS for education?

AWS cloud is known to the world and one of the key players in the cloud computing world. The cloud providers like Amazon Web services make remote learning easy peasy with a host of its powerful tools.  Educational institutions and other providers can choose a reliable platform for online learning. Hiring one of the best AWS consulting companies provides value to your educational goals. They ensure the students and teachers have great collaboration and rapport even if they are not available on campus. 

  • AWS marketplace offers Amazon App Stream to enhance collaboration and communication for a bespoke learning environment. The student’s geographical location does not matter. Amazon marketplace is a non-persistent application and desktop streaming service. Using this, users can easily install app stream applications and benefit from them. You can hire one of the best AWS consulting companies and explore Amazon app stream services. 
  • Amazon Workspace is a Desktop solution intended for remote learning. With this, teachers and students can easily procure data any time they wish. So, remote learning will be a piece of cake. Any educational institution, as well as students, can use this solution for seamless remote learning. It is available as a pay-as-you-go model. The security it provides is incredible as it is deployed within Amazon Virtual Private Network.
  • Amazon Connect is also another effective AWS technology that provides full-fledged support for teachers. 

In short, the Covid-19 taught us the importance of going digital in learning. With the help of the right AWS solutions, remote learning is effective, easy and accessible for students and teachers. 

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