What is a virtual private cloud in AWS

What is a virtual private cloud in AWS?

Amazon web service has 80% of the cloud users across the world. More than 500 Fortune companies use their cloud platform. An AWS managed service provider can help you manage your IT infrastructure into a cloud environment. Being the global cloud service provider,  great IT infrastructure management. One of its spectacular services is the virtual private cloud. 

Types of cloud

Various types of cloud types exist public, private, hybrid, and even multi-cloud. On-premise is a typical local infrastructure. Public cloud is shared among many and AWS managed service providers employ such a service. On the other hand, in hybrid cloud workloads are segregated between on-premise and cloud. 

Virtual Private Cloud

A virtual private cloud is similar to a public cloud. The only difference lies in sharing the resources. All resources in a virtual private cloud are shared among selective users. It is a secure way and employed with the help of a virtual local-area network and private IP subnet. This “seclusion” in sharing resources is called a virtual private network. The user does not have to worry about backup, storage, power supply, and physical hardware. Like the cloud, everything will be provided and controlled by the cloud.  AWS managed service provider is adept at managing a virtual cloud for your enterprise.

AWS provides virtual cloud services for enterprises around the world. In which you can define a secluded virtual network using the resources of AWS. Here, you have complete control over the activities such as the selection of IP address range, network gateways, and subnets. 

Benefits of AWS Virtual cloud for business
  • More secure

Cloud computing places an organization’s sensitive data in the control of a third party, this may introduce a significant level of risk on the privacy and security of data. The virtual private cloud proposes a security model between the customer and the cloud provider. Your data is secure and reliable in VPC. It decreases exposure to vulnerabilities.  

  • Easy setup

Creating and managing your VPC  is as simple with the help of an AWS-managed service provider.  Therefore, your energy can be diverted into focusing on the delivery of IT services such as applications and services. Besides, it offers a cost-effective solution with short service downtimes. 

  • Customized solutions

The IT services are no more restricted to a fixed site but can be relocated dynamically to improve performance and manageability.  Full-fledged customization allows you to decide on various factors like subnets, the configuration of the network, and so on. 

Cloud computing enables transparent access to Information technology services.

Migrating to a VPC provides added security, reliance, upgrading, and scalability without cutting corners. Reach out to AWS-managed service providers and they can guide you and suggest the best.

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