Major AWS cloud security risks and how to troubleshoot them

Major AWS Cloud Security Risks: Best Practices to Troubleshoot

Amazon Web Services is a prominent and successful cloud service provider and is used by many companies despite its size. It provides a plethora of services ranging from storage to software. Cloud-based products and services AWS provides are vast and affordable to all kinds of businesses.

However, the cloud also poses some challenges in the form of security risks. It happens when you fail to address issues at the configuration level. Overlooking the cloud security features by AWS invites vulnerabilities and threats to your business. To avoid this, you need to explore the challenges in AWS cloud security and look for ways to resolve them.

Why do these security risks matters

Startups, enterprises, small and medium businesses are relying on AWS cloud consulting company’s expertise to provide value for their customers while meeting the rapid changes in business requirements. So, security risks adversely affect your business. It is important to know the security risks and minimize their impact on your business. 

What does AWS professional services do for your business?

Cloud computing provides varied resources ranging from storage to servers for your business. AWS cloud assures strong cloud security for network, configuration management, access control and data encryption. 

 Security risks and the best practices

  • Inadequate visibility

Asset tracking is an arduous task because of multiple cloud accounts and regions. This decentralized visibility causes vulnerabilities. To hinder such vulnerabilities, you can seek help from an adept cloud service provider. They can make your assets visible by implementing vivid types of resources such as load balancers, virtual machines and security groups.

  • Inoperative authentication practices

Stolen or lost credentials can pose challenges to the cloud environment. Such a credential exposed on the internet can lead to account breaches.

What you can do is employ strong password policies across all AWS services. AWS омгомг strongly advocates using multi-factor authentication for all access.   

  • Too many privileges

The credentials you employ can be used by hackers if it is not protected. Overly permissive access to AWS resources often invites more harm than good. You need not allow your employees or users to access more than what they require to do a task. 

Using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can provide full-fledged or restricted access to the users or group of users. So, the employee or the user will have access ONLY to the intended AWS resources to perform a task. 

  • Lack of audit history

Streamlined and regular user activities are not seen as good practices by organizations. Businesses overlook the importance of keeping track of all user activities. As a result, a lot of account compromises and vulnerabilities take place. 

Effective monitoring along with the right technologies like AWS CloudTrail ensure minimal threats. The AWS CloudTrail keeps track of resource changes and troubleshooting. 

  • Unpatched hosts

The lack of implementing the latest security patches can be a great hindrance to security. The environment you build must be secure and you need to constantly check vulnerabilities and threats. 

You must ensure that all your security patches are up-to-date and relevant to your system. You might use third-party tools to host threats to the environment


Over a million active users are benefiting from the Cloud Computing Services. All kinds of businesses are reaping the benefits of adopting Cloud Computing resources rather than on-premise IT infrastructure. Embracing the Cloud is the best thing in terms of monetary and operational benefits. However, no cloud is 100% free from security risks, so does AWS. AWS cloud offers the best practices and tools to ensure top-notch Cloud security. Clear ignorance of troubleshooting practices at the configuration level makes cloud security risks drastic. Proper use of troubleshooting tools ensure all AWS resources are safe from security threats. 


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