what are the different types of deployment models offered by aws cloud services

What are the different types of deployment models offered by AWS cloud services?

AWS is one of the major cloud computing service providers in the world. The cloud computing services they provide are available anywhere in the world using data centres and virtualization. AWS consulting company’s expertise in various areas of cloud computing is helpful to enjoy all the benefits of the AWS cloud platform. 

Hiring an AWS consulting company for your digital workloads generally provides the following benefits. 

  • Highly available and scalable infrastructures.
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Elasticity
  • Pay per use
  • Workload resilience 
  • Migration flexibility

Amazon cloud services also offer three types of deployment models. Before delving into a detailed description of deployment models, it is important to understand how AWS provides seamless compute resources to many companies around the world. They use a wide range of configurations like virtualization. AWS renders the extensive resources from larger existing drives. AWS consulting company can do a plethora of services hosted on AWS cloud. 

The three  types of deployment models

Amazon web services provide three deployment models and these are used to build and deploy applications on the cloud. The flavours of cloud computing can be selected as per your requirements and business goals. Being an innovative cloud provider, AWS is all set to make the cloud services transparent and a great experience for everyone. 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The IaaS products provide the feel and look of physical resources.  Through IaaS omg площадка, you will be able to access all resources such as compute, memory, storage and configuration directly from the cloud. You have complete control over what resources to use and not. Likewise, the  AWS consulting company you employ is responsible for any bad configuration. AWS IaaS products comprise Elastic Cloud Compute, Elastic Block Store and Elastic Load Balancing.  

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service lets you choose the behaviour and environment for your application. This also covers the code. Elastic Beanstalk and Elastic container service are the AWS PaaS products. 

  • Software as a Service

SaaS service is for the end-users. AWS SaaS products include simple email services and Amazon WorkSpaces.  For instance, Google’s Gmail Service. 

In short, employing an AWS cloud consulting company’s services ensures you can benefit from higher quality security, availability, reliability and scalability.  

AWS consulting services

AWS consulting services let you enjoy all the services of AWS cloud services in an easy and seamless way. AWS consultants are professionals who are trained in designing, deploying, building, extending software and other applications on the AWS cloud. 

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