Amazons Simple Storage Service Glacier price slashed for PUT API

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service Glacier price slashed for PUT API

Being a global cloud platform provider, Amazon Web Services offers a bunch of mainstream services. One of the services includes S3. Simple storage service is known as S3. This scalable storage service is used by countless small and large-scale industries. AWS consulting has great knowledge in fulfilling your needs. 


The simple storage service is a scalable storage service provided by AWS. It is a storage that can be accessed from anywhere since it is on the internet. The service is a big hit among big and medium-sized companies. They can fulfil their storage requirements by just rendering the S3 service. It is also like cloud computing, you pay as you scale. Therefore, with a small investment, you can access the storage.

One of the notable services of AWS consulting is S3. The business that produces applications and needs storage space on the internet can opt for a simple storage service. You can store any kind of information and in any format. Using S3 you get secure and reliable storage space virtually. 

AWS consulting is a vast field comprising mainstream and sub-sect of services such as VPC, Relational database service and Autoscaling including S3. Recently, we have seen AWS has reduced prices for many of their services from time to time; this is particularly owing to their scaling success. As they scale up, the users will get benefits in terms of cost. 

The latest update on S3

The latest update on S3 is a piece of good news to both AWS consulting and enterprises. Storage classes of Amazon are vivid. The list is a bit long containing many namely Infrequent Access, S3 one zone Infrequent Access, Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. One of the storage classes is Amazon S3 Glacier. Amazon is reducing the price of S3 Glacier by 40% in all its regions.

AWS has decremented the charges for PUT and Lifecycle according to reports. The revised rate will be applicable from 2021 March onwards.

 Organizations can use the storage with PUT API to back up data that does not need frequent access. If your corporate data is rarely accessed or used, you can change the storage class from S3 standard-Infrequent Access to S3 Glacier. In this way, you can reduce the cost of storage spaces. Defining your business technology with AWS consulting service leverage your business growth and you can serve loyal customers with ease. S3 storage is helpful and a cost-efficient solution for businesses of any size. 

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