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AI And ML With AWS Part 2

Just like AWS’s ML products, AWS comes prepackaged with industry and competition-ready AI products. All the products, when combined with Amazon’s ML products, can help companies to develop the best products and services for their customers. Below are some of the AWS’s AI products which ready to integrate into all your projects.   

Amazon Comprehend   

Amazon comprehend is AWS’s natural language processing service which can be used to find insight from texts. The source for Amazon Comprehend is the customer emails, complaints, social media posts and even social comments to get insights about the feedback on products and services as well. Amazon comprehend can identify the language of the texts,  geographical data, personal data, brands and more. 

Amazon CodeGuru

As the name would suggest, the Amazon CodeGuru can help developers in real-time to eliminate hard to bugs, critical issues and help coders to optimize the codes.  Amazon CodeGuru comes with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler and Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, both of the products cater to different requirements of developers and data scientists. Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer can find bugs and critical errors in real-time, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer can give guidelines to developers to better develop the projects. Amazon CodeGuru Profiler collects run time performance in real-time, the insights generated by this service can help developers to fine-tune the codes to deliver maximum performance.

Amazon Lex

Amazon’s Amazon Lex is AWS’s bot designed with automatic speech recognition (ASR)  and natural language understanding (NLU) to used alongside voice and text. Using AWS’s deep learning, developers and data scientists can build applications that have lifelike conversations and engaging user conversations.   

Amazon Forecast

Combining ML and AI, Amazon Forecast can deliver highly accurate forecasts. Amazon Forecast is a completely managed service, there is no need to develop, train and deploy this service into your product or service. This service is currently used in all Amazon e-commerce sites all across the world, helping clients set prices, discounts and more for generating the maximum revenues. 

Amazon Fraud Detector 

As mentioned before, banking and financial institutions have been using AI to detect anomalies. After 20 years of fraud detection from Amazon, Amazon Fraud Detector has been updated to use in multiple industries from e-commerce to industrial manufacturing. Detect suspicious activities, fake invoices and fake orders to avoid losing money.  Amazon Fraud Detector is partly managed service, meaning the algorithm for detecting fraud is pre-packaged but the datasets need to be added by the user due to the fact that data changes from industry to industry. There is no upfront payment for using this service, this service is a “pay for what you use model”.   

Amazon Personalize

One of the reasons why Amazon’s e-commerce has been so successful because of the level of personalization with each and every individual who visit the site. The same personalization and recommendation engine can now to added to your products and service for getting the best results for your business. 

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