Must-haves in Your Managed Services Agreements – Part II

If you want to be one of the trustable and top managed services companies, then you need to build a better relationship with your clients and Managed service agreement has a key role in setting the expectations between you and your customer. As mentioned in the previous blog, the more your agreement is, the more you and your customers benefit.

Here are the top considerations you must clearly add in your managed services agreements:

Terms and conditions

Determine customer primary contact, along with after-hours contact information. Evidently state the cost, payment terms, and the duration of the contract. When does the contract commence and when does it end? Is there auto-renew included? This must all be clearly mentioned in the client terms and conditions.


As a managed service provider, clearly determine what’s included, along with which systems you support and don’t. As an example, if the client has a Windows® 2000 machine that you’ve found and communicated as a security risk and they have decided to not find a solution for it, you can mention that it is not falling under the scope of your service offerings. Do make sure it is clear who is liable for what between your company and your client.

This is why it is also extremely important to clearly summarize the things that are not covered. You could be held responsible in the case of a security event if this information is not clearly mentioned. The added benefit is you build an opportunity to sell time and resources, work for troubleshooting issues that fall outside the scope of the Managed Service agreement, or open the door to facilitate discussions about upselling their managed service package. As an example, are travel expenses enclosed? Are there any onboarding fees involved? Are there any modifications added to the agreement? Is this a Service-Level Agreement (SLA)? This all information needs to be clearly outlined regarding the services that are included and are not included in the managed services agreement.


Describe the lengths of the warranties and the specifications as well as buying information. Be sure to add Hardware-as-a-Service.

Licensing of Managed Service Provider

Give a detailed description of MSP-owned licensing, as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Termination of agreement

Mention the specific rules of termination, the necessity for licensing (if moving MSP-licensed OS, backups, etc.), and to clearly determine who owns the data in the incident of termination.


Mention the conditions, duration of incremental copies, and a number of copies.

Liability constraints

What limit do they have on charging you for negligence? Make sure to outline the details regarding risk allocation.

Cybersecurity insurance

What is the coverage you have and what all are covered in your policy? Also, outline the things that are not covered? It is essential to provide thorough detail of possible responsibilities.


Add a privacy agreement, licensing agreement, non-disclosure document, and non-compete document for staff.

Illegal behavior

Mention policy of immediate reporting to police of any illegal behavior, highlighting that you are not indebted to notify them first.

Project clauses

Clearly describe which contractual obligations, rights, and duties may be moved.


Add all company-specific terms

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