Microservices Deployment Strategies

Microservices architecture is pretty known for its high-level software scalability. Most organizations adopt this architecture pattern but a huge percentage of them are struggling with creating a strategy that can succeed the major challenges such as decomposing it to the microservices-based application. Deployment of monolithic applications indicates that the system is running multiple identical copies […]

Microservices – The Booming Strategy for Enterprises

Application and software development has become an integral part of enterprises all over the world. Numerous technologies and architectural patterns have emerged over the years and have made its impact on making software development and maintenance easier than before. One such architectural pattern very much used in enterprises these days is the Microservice architecture. Microservice […]

8 Best Practices For Securing Microservices And Containers

Swift deployment and increased independence of services have made microservices which is made popular amongst the developers, convenient and approachable for organizations.  However, transferring from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture fosters many issues, among which security affairs are the most significant ones to consider. Microservice architecture based applications accommodate thousands of containers, significantly […]

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