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DevSecOps-The Journey from Theory to Practice

DevSecOps has become the new security norm in the DevOps ecosystem. It is easy to understand DevSecOps philosophy but the game changes when you actually start implementing it. There is no specific tool or switch that you can simply flip to achieve DevSecOps.

DevSecOps in Action

DevSecOps is not possible by either asking your team to be more mindful about security or letting your security team randomly jump into the development process. Then, how exactly does DevSecOps work?
Let’s get started.

Microservice-Based Infrastructure

Segmenting your entire infrastructure is no easy feat but once you achieve it  and everything becomes well-defined with specific individual functions, it becomes easier to monitor each and every step of the process and make necessary changes.

As each team will have a process to claim, the blame game will not rear its ugly head in your organization. Thus, improving team collaboration and cooperation which is equally or perhaps more important for successful DevSecOps implementation.


Automation has the power to streamline almost any business process, reduce human error and drastically improve the agility and speed. The key here is to properly apply automation  to your security checks and other processes. 

When we refer to automation, it is not just about AI and machine learning. It includes using the highest quality software including:

  • Malware scanner
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • VPN

This equips your team to better implement security practices.

AI and machine learning can play a vital role in enhancing your cybersecurity as it not only 

automates the essential security protocols, but also learns, evolves, and adapts to new emerging threats.

Continuous Feedback

The ideal approach is to develop a continuous feedback based environment as it is essential to achieve efficiency and proficiency. It is this continuous and constant flow of information that helps your team know where they actually stand when it comes to security threats. Further, it educates your team about the latest security updates and helps implement the same.

In the DevSecOps process, feedback should not only come from the management but from every team in the process. If the team has been properly divided into development, security, and operations in an organization they will surely need to provide feedback back and forth multiple times in a day.

Secure Coding-Train your developers

Secure coding is not something your development team will worry about as most of them think that there are no issues with their code. For the DevSecOps process to succeed this has to change. Even though training an entire development team on secure coding is an expensive affair but it is vital for the  process to grow and flourish.

Analyzing Third-Party Vendors

As the age-old adage goes prevention is better than cure. In today’s interconnected world, third-party vendors come with substantial security risks as your organization shares data and resources with them. Think and inspect every vendor your associated with, if any of them could be a security threat to your business.

DevSecOps Rules to follow

If you wish to achieve stunning results with DevSecOps, try the following:

  • Right from the beginning, encourage your team to follow best cybersecurity practices including :
  • Regularly update hardware and software
  • Train your employees on VPN best practices (virtual private networks)
  • Conduct penetration testing
  • Try to reduce human error as much as possible
  • Monitor all your software
  • Check code continuously
  • Implement code dependency checks
  • Set up one-click compliance reporting
  • Ensure different teams are communicating and collaborating 

It’s time to evolve for organizations and embrace DevSecOps if they wish to survive and grow in a world of growing cybersecurity threats.

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