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Business Benefits of Choosing Enterprise Kubernetes Management Solution?

Have you been thinking lately “What Enterprise Container Cluster Management Solutions Are Available?”

Well, there are numerous options when it comes to container cluster management. However, Kubernetes is winning the “war for orchestration”. Since its inception in 2014, the platform has been growing exponentially. And, why not? An enviable open source community and 15 years of Google development behind it Kubernetes are here to stay.

Being an open-source container management tool it offers:

  • Platform-as-a-Service, (PaaS) solution 
  • Vendor-agnostic solution for automatic deployment, 
  • Operation and scaling of application containers across multiple hosts. 

This solution enables you to:

  • Deploy containers to clusters
  • Work with different containers
  • Simplify operations and architecture

What makes Kubernetes so popular?

The ever-growing popularity of Kubernetes can be attributed to its ability to abstract machines into a single interface thus, enabling deployment of containers to all kinds of environments, including physical or virtual machines and cloud. This enhanced flexibility makes the platform a preferred choice amongst companies of all sizes.

Without further ado, let’s explore the other benefits offered by Kubernetes Management Solution.

Provides  developers a competitive edge

When it comes to container cluster management, Kubernetes provides developers the necessary tools to quickly respond to customer demands while at the same time relieving them of the burden of running apps in the cloud. This is achieved by eliminating manual tasks associated with deploying and scaling containerized applications. Thus, enabling developers to run software more efficiently and reliably when moving from one environment to another.

Simplified Container Tasks

All thanks to Kubernetes, container tasks have never been simplified to a great extent including:

  • Management (monitoring resources, application health checks, debugging applications)
  • Deployment operations (horizontal auto-scaling, rolling updates, canary deployments) 

Enviable collaborative community

The open-source platform has created a large and growing community of support. With thousands of contributors releasing new features constantly, Kubernetes has emerged to be an ever-evolving platform. The platform is not only hosted and supported by the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) but also big players like Microsoft, AWS, Google, Red Hat, Canonical, CoreOS, etc.

Out-of-the-box features

Are you struggling to manage multiple containers? Do you wish to group them for easy management? If yes, this is where Kubernetes steps in. Let’s explore some other amazing features of the platform:

  • Self-recovery
  • Automated or manual scaling up or down
  • Progressive application deployment
  • Workload management and batch execution

Improves the DevOps Process

It is essential to quickly respond to changes to survive in this highly competitive digital world. DevOps helps organizations achieve business agility by improving the development process is a well-known fact. Similarly, Kubernetes’ improved flexibility simplifies the DevOps process by eliminating the need to scale workflows and script deployment. In other words, these tasks are automated. One classic example is how Kubernetes help scale the game Pokémon Go when it experienced fifty times the expected traffic. Being built on Kubernetes, it enabled the developers of the game to scale up and meet the user demand.

Enhanced Flexibility

Kubernetes can be easily implemented across different environments including cloud or on-premises, or you can run it as a service. It is this flexibility that allows you to easily run and move workloads efficiently. Further, it enables DevOps teams to build applications and use Kubernetes to deploy the same.

Despite the countless benefits offered by Kubernetes, you must think and plan your Kubernetes enterprise strategy carefully, understand the hurdles you may face along the way.

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