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Watch out for these cyber security threats in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic and ransomware attacks shook the global enterprise IT sector in 2020. Now security experts are saying that more is in store for 2021. As of now, there are no evident signs that can assure we will stay fully protected against vicious cybercrimes. Cybercriminals are planning for new attack technologies. From the information shared by top security experts here’s what we can expect this year.

1, Work from home related attacks

The pandemic paved way for a great alteration from the routine ways that employees used for accessing their corporate systems. A vast majority of people have already shifted to the work from home module. Till now things are quite ok as there are no reports of massive attacks on the remote working scenario. However, things might change in a jiffy and we must be very careful about it. We can never expect our home environments to be as safe and secured as our corporate offices that have got state-of-the-art cybersecurity features. A huge risk factor is always present and there’s no point in denying that fact. If at all attackers plan to target data centers and people working from their homes, they can strike when we are least prepared for it.

2, Attackers might use AI

Over the years we are living with an underlying fear of cybercriminals using advanced artificial intelligence AI for malicious cyber-attacks. High authorities in cybersecurity have revealed that AI can be misused for creating new malware and developing new techniques for intruding into corporate networks. Till now we have not seen or heard of any such gruesome reports but it is always better to be on the safer side by taking necessary proactive measures. 

3, Attacks on the top management layer 

If an attacker can penetrate inside the management layer, it is like getting access to anywhere and anything inside the total framework of an organization. This situation happens to be the highest risk of all cybersecurity threats. 

4, SNMP attacks

Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP is built for managing devices like modems, servers, routers, and printers. If SNMP gets compromised, it poses a serious threat to all the components. 

5, 5G threat 

The chances of hackers sending mind-controlling messages straight to the data center manager’s brain with radio signals created for 5G communications are remote. Though this is the case for the time being, once the 5G spectrum gains its full potential, there is a huge risk factor that we need to be careful about.  

6, Deception tools

Deception technology also known as “honey pots” is already there for many years. Very lately, advances in the field of machine learning have made it quite possible for the data centers to be capable of deploying deception grids to trap invaders with counterfeit lures before they can make it to the original crown jewels. 

Though all these are vulnerable scenarios where the cyber attackers seem to have the upper hand, we will still be able to protect our data and resources by having proper cybersecurity practices for our safety.

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