what do these statistics tell about devsecops consulting services

What do these statistics tell about DevSecOps consulting services?

DevSecOps is a major paradigm shift in IT organizations since the introduction of DevOps. DevOps full potential is utilized embedding the security using the DevSecOps consulting services.

DevOps culture and practices work better with added security and enterprises have been realizing the potential of DevSecOps consulting services.  With this, you can know the threats, critical risks in security along with pipelines and toolchains. It increases DevOps’ security and the result is fast and quality software delivery.

Here are some fascinating statistics that reveal the need for DevSecOps consulting services for your company. Explore its cope and opportunities.

  • According to reports, DevSceOps garner the market by 2027 by 30.24%.
  • The mature DevSecOps approach is unavoidable as the threat for apps is 50% than companies who embrace DevSecOps.
  • Research reveals that by 2030, DevSecOps practices will reach the pinnacle of 60%  from 20% in 2019.
  • Fully DevSecOps optimized organizations and can alleviate all security risks and critical issues by 40%. Whereas, the non-integrated organizations can come up with 20%.
  • 68% of IT organizations are planning to adopt DevSecOps for addressing the security challenges regard to cloud solutions.
  • 70% of companies also seek help from DevSecOps consulting services in order to protect their business along with automated security solutions like configuration scanning.
  • According to CISCO, their stakeholders view security as very important than anything else.
  • DevSecOps works better in cloud solutions rather than distributed environments or mainframe. Cloud-enabled companies perform well with others.
  • By the end of 2021, 80% of IT companies adopt the DevSecOps approach in their business.
  • 11.5x times faster security management is possible when a company adopts the advanced DevSecOps approach.
  • 60% of the organizations feel that the hindrance to be a DevSecOps centric organization are technical hurdles.
  • C-suit executives determine the pace of DevSecOps adoption in 84% of the organization.
Secure DevOps culture with DevSecOps

Delivery reliable, fast and predictable software development is the ultimate goal of implementing DevSceOps. It ensures the process is smooth clearing out all critical issues. So that you can assure rapid employment and provide services to end-users in a proper time.

DevSecOps is necessary as the modern continuous delivery pipeline need high security as the threats are voluminous. It creates ‘ security as a code” and without any ambiguity, DevOps engineers can work on software development.

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