why use aws for cloud business

Why use AWS for cloud business?

Cloud computing technologies are arising and many of the big and small companies are using cloud technology for leveraging their business. Amazon web services is one of the renowned cloud platforms used by large corporations for storing data. An adept AWS managed service provider can help you embrace AWS services.

AWS managed service provider and security of data

These stored data in the AWS cloud can be either private or public depending on the access is denied or allowed. AWS managed service provider determines the nature of data and allows access. As you know, public data can be accessed by anyone in the cloud and which is not the case with private data. But, most cloud environments are not secured.

By hiring an AWS managed service provider, you make your data secure and available. The following measures are taken to ensure security for business data.

  • The physical access of AWS data centers is secured and monitored.
  • Any access to the AWS centers is highly monitored, audited, and controlled
  • Key pair in virtual server helps to encrypt the login information

The popularity of the cloud is increasing so does AWS. Companies hire AWS managed service providers for securing their data and business operations. It is beneficial in many ways like:

  • Hosting dynamic websites
  • Hosting dynamic web apps

Processing and scientific business data

  • Storage of public or private data
  • Supporting online training programs for students
  • Hosting of a static website
  • Handling of the peak loads

Creating resources and managing them is also possible with  AWS. The following are some of the ways:


  • The AWS management console
  • The web interface
  • The AWS Command-line Interface (AWS CLI)
  • The command-line tools, provides a command over a set of AWS products
  • The AWS Software Development Kit. These APIs include specific programming language to a platform.
  • Low-level APIs can be accessed with HTTP requests.

We have seen that the applications of AWS cloud are many and these are its winning advantages at a glance.

  •  Easy to use

Secure hosting is easy with AWS. An existing or entirely new Saas application can be securely hosted with well-crafted web services APIs.

  • Flexible

AWS is flexible as it allows you to select the operating system, web apps, the language and database. It offers a flexible virtual environment.

  • Cost-effective

What does it mean? You pay as you consume the AWS services. There is no long-term contract nor other commitments.

  • Secure

End- to end encryption and high-security measures make the data stored in AWS secure and accessible anytime. It hardens and protects infrastructure in terms of physical, operational, and software realms.

  • Efficient and scalable

The scalability of the application is easy when using AWS. If you need to scale down it is also possible. By hiring AWS managed service provider in India, you can access storage space and other resources for business purposes.

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