Make use of .NET 6 on Microsoft Azure

Make use of .NET 6 on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has been a renowned name in the field of cloud computing vendors. Microsoft Azure has bagged a prominent place in cloud computing service as many companies, as well as professionals, acknowledge it as a consolidated reality when developing a product or maintaining an existing one.

The advent of cloud computing technology drastically changed the way we plan and deploy infrastructure requisites. The utility-based consumption model of Microsoft Azure offers many advantages to end-users, especially within their Enterprise IT Landscape. Azure’s PaaS model particularly embraced the new .NET 6 as it supports many Azure services like Azure App Services. We will dig into detail the winning advantages of .NET 6 for developers. 


Launch of latest .NET 6

In the last year, the company has launched the latest and stable version of the .NET. Here the code never requires considerable changes and .NET 6 can be used for code development. The Long Term Support assures developers that it will be beneficial for many Azure products as they need not rely on former updates or irrelevant support on minor versions. To ensure you are compatible with the new version, you can update your Target framework. Azure cloud consulting company .NET 6 to execute different functions in Azure.  


Winning features of .NET 6

.NET 6 supports Windows, Mac and Linux. It has got many advantages and new features to try on. We will highlight the most important ones here and other features that can be experienced by downloading the same.


  • Language improvements
  • Hot reload function
  • Open Telemetry as well as .Net monitor 
  • Open-source friendliness
  • Latest long term support – three years
  • Decreased latency time and memory use 
  • Improved security 
  • IL trimming

The latest version of .NET 6 is particularly useful for the following Azure functions. The support given by .NET 6 is valid for three years. Deep optimizations at runtime are possible in the latest version. 


Azure App Service and .NET 6

Like Azure Static Web Apps, .NET 6 is also available for the Azure App service. The support it provides with regard to deployment and code development is immense. Here, you can also use .NET 6 for cross-platform development and you can determine the host either Windows or Linux. You have got your own libraries and runtime no matter if it is a standard deployment with or without portable container-based deployments. So, .NET 6 is able to bring forth appropriate changes and these are not hard to follow as it has well-structured migration instructions for ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET Core 3.1. 


Azure Static Web Apps and .NET 6

Apart from Azure functions, .NET 6 is useful for Azure Static Web Apps. Many companies use the expertise of  adept Microsoft Azure Cloud Consulting Services. You no longer need not run .NET 6 on servers instead you can use web assembly support, So, it is easiest to execute as it provides front-end support to Azure-hosted APIs. With the help of Uno’s WebUI components, building and deploying CI/CD delivery is possible. Likewise, .NET 6 supports taking and porting applications using VB blazor tools. 


To sum up

The advent and release of the long term support of the .NET 6 is bliss for developers in many respects. Soon, the framework will gain massive support from the community of developers as they come up with more libraries and components to make product delivery exciting.

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