Serverless vs Docker Containers: What to choose in 2022?

Serverless vs Docker Containers: What to choose in 2022?

Cloud consulting is used by many companies despite their niche and vertical. It is an especially viable and practical solution for software development companies. Many cloud vendors provide different kinds of cloud offerings such as Paas, Iaas and so on. Containers, as well as serverless systems, are unique technologies. Choosing the best one for deploying your application depends on several factors. Both are distinct technologies and used to deploy an application and a crystal clear understanding of both is vital to making a decision.


Serverless system and Docker containers

Serverless systems and Docker containers are distinct technologies and are used by DevOps engineers for efficient app deployment. They are considered cost-effective architectures to reduce the overhead for cloud-hosted web applications. The importance of these two technologies is evident as software development requires comprehensive tools and resources. However, according to statistics from recent surveys, a serverless system is the new fad embraced by IT companies compared to Docker containers. On the other hand, many firms also adopt containerization technology for their applications. An adept cloud consulting services provider can provide expert advice on what best works for your organization. The solution you choose must be in line with your end goals as well as product development.


Serverless Systems

The serverless system does not imply the codes are written without servers, instead, it’s all about operating code without a server. When you choose a serverless system for deploying your app on the cloud, you are absolutely free from server management. The underlying infrastructure is all controlled and managed by the cloud service provider. For example, cloud consulting companies. They manage everything in the backend. You can select a serverless system for the backend process and the charges will be based on your specific requirements. When you employ this, you can select resources and three is no need to pay for unused spaces or resources. It is a pay as you go model and it does not have an autoscale mode.


Docker Containers

The emergence of containers made encapsulation and deployment of applications on the cloud much easier. Its use provides faster startup times and reduces dependencies on computer resources. Containers are better at running workloads compared to current virtual machines. Docker containers allow you to package an application with its dependencies into standardized, self-contained units or containers; which can be used to run the application in any system and software development. Renowned tech companies like Microsoft use it for deploying applications.

Similarities between the two technologies

Serverless technology and containers are distinct but have overlapping functionalities:

  • Applications run on abstracting from the hosted environment.
  • Both allow the deployment of applications.
  • Both need external resources and orchestration tools.
  • Both are used to replace the virtualization of cloud environments.



Containers, as well as serverless systems, are prominent technologies used by IT companies. Depending on the requirements, you can choose either one of them. The success of serverless technology depends on the selection of cloud platforms. Likewise, the best product delivery can be achieved by streamlining the deployment process in containers.

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