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5 Cloud Optimization Hacks To Save Your Tech Business  

Given the boom of AI and automation, the future years will see further progress in cloud computing. How can your business better prepare for the big break in cloud? We’ve figured five hacks that you can start working on right now:

  • Optimize Identity and Access Management

With advancements in tech pacing faster than Moore’s law, Identity and Access Management security measures will need to be strengthened over time. Platforms like Azure already ask cloud customers to use identity as their primary security perimeter to determine access rights. 

Prioritize the optimization of your cloud authentication (multi-factor authentication, password management), access controls, environment separation, credential management, and the like to monitor and maintain security in account activity and be better prepared for major breaks in cloud.

  • Ensure the security of cloud data and operating systems

Data security is a shared responsibility; requiring management of interactions with both information security professionals and cloud resources. Ensure the security of your data in transit and at rest by implementing proper encryption and key handling and management. Enforce continuous education and training measures for your security team to securely handle your data.

Remember, the security of your cloud data links to the security of your operating system. So, ensure regular updation, maintenance, and patching to maintain your OS’ security. 

  • Design and implement secure cloud architecture 

Strengthen the security of your cloud platforms right from the beginning by designing and implementing a secure cloud architecture. Cover all points of data, workload, and system security and strategize accordingly. This includes (a) identifying and classifying data, (b) evaluating cloud providers, (c) using secure authentication and access controls, among other things.

  • Monitor and manage security incidents

Implement a security monitoring and management infrastructure that gives you total and transparent insight into your operations. Make sure all data points are constantly analyzed, event management is proper, and the most efficient segregation and correlation algorithms are in place. Also ensure logging information is effectively captured and monitored and you’re notified instantly of any unexpected changes/developments.

We also suggest keeping track of and making use of emerging automation and AI monitoring programs to monitor and manage your cloud activity with more precision and in a hands-free manner. Taking regular security audits to track potential security incidents/breaches is another essential task. Check out this article by to learn more about cloud automation tools.

  • Prioritize data encryption and backup

Protect confidential data by using secure encryption keys and ensuring only authorized users can access the keys. Your data needs to be protected not just on your server, but also on third party servers. 

Another part of data security is backups. In case of unforeseen security incidents, data backups can help protect company reputation and finances by preventing downtimes and data loss. Data backups are also necessary to minimize cyberattack impacts.


The rise of automation and technology will raise concerns about data and identity security even more. With the need for rapid adoption of cloud by businesses, security will need to be implemented from the ground up. Organizations that follow stringent security measures will have leverage over the ones that don’t prioritize it well enough. Make sure you’re preparing yours not just for short-term domination but long-term growth.

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