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Why Kubernetes As A Service (KaaS) Is the Master of the Multi-Cloud World

Who would’ve guessed when in 2014, Kubernetes was launched, that it would take a whole army to manage the orchestration tool! But it does today, and despite it, you can’t say no to the incredible benefits it offers. So, do you continue to invest a significant percentage of your IT workforce for Kubernetes management, or is there an alternative you can think about?

Enter Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS).

What is Kubernetes as a Service?

Think of it as managing your nursery. You can do it yourself, definitely, but doing it everyday would take up a lot of your time and space. Not only that, but you would occasionally need someone knowledgeable to explain to you how to care for special / rare plants, right? 

In the same way, you could manage the Kubernetes infrastructure of your company yourself, but that would be quite demanding. Plus, you would have to know it THAT well to make the best out of it. Or, you could use Kubernetes as a service (KaaS) from a cloud services provider or third-party vendor. The second option would allow more time to focus on building and deploying your applications, without having to bother managing the underlying infrastructure.

Before getting into KaaS more …

How are businesses leveraging Kubernetes to level (awe-inducingly) up?

Take two examples.

Case 1

Nordstrom: Kubernetes’ official page talks about how Nordstrom Technology underwent a massive transformation post migration to Kubernetes. The company, after launching a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) project four years ago, had already reduced its deployment time from 3 months to 30 minutes! But they were in for a bigger treat when they adopted Docker containers associated with Kubernetes! Kubernetes adoption allowed their teams to “just focus on writing applications” and provided them with about 5x to 12x times more CPU utilization, increased operational efficiency, and effective running of systems.

Case 2

Babylon: Kubernetes, in their official page, have also described Babylon’s transformation. By building a self-service AI training platform with help from Kubernetes, their company was able to complete clinical validations in under 20 minutes, as opposed to the usual 10 hours! Kubernetes has also helped in their global expansion.

If your business isn’t seeing big numbers growth yet, consider it a sign that you can (likely) do it better. Rest assured, we’re always here to help.

How are KaaS providers (like us) leveraging Kubernetes to help businesses (like yours)?

Decluttering application management

In both the example cases shared above, the results of Kubernetes adoption was measurably significant. If sources from the internet are to be believed, 34% of IT decision makers cite the increasing number of IT applications as adding to their business complexity. That’s what KaaS providers are targeting. They leverage Kubernetes to help manage and automate the deployment, scaling, and management of multiple containerized applications. (In case you’re wondering, containers are a way to package software in a way that is lightweight, portable, and can run consistently across different environments, such as different clouds and devices.)

Automatic application scaling

Kubernetes provides a way to orchestrate these containers, or groups of containers, across a cluster of machines. This means that based on the demand, it can automatically manage and scale the number of containers. For example, if a particular application needs more resources to handle increasing traffic, Kubernetes can automatically add more containers to handle the load.

Enabling multi-environment application management

It also provides features for managing the networking, storage, and security of these containers, so different applications can work together seamlessly. The best part? Kubernetes can manage containers running on different machines, in different clouds, or even at the edge of the network. It simplifies the management of modern, distributed applications that are designed to run across multiple environments.

If your company is moving towards using multiple clouds and devices, Kubernetes can provide a way to manage and scale applications efficiently. Reach out to us to leverage our KaaS services now.


Kubernetes has been long reigning as the master of the multi-cloud world. For its increased agility, scalability, resilience, better resource utilization, simplified application deployment and management, and vendor independence benefits among others, organizations are increasingly investing in it. Since managing Kubernetes is a task in itself, employing cloud service providers is a strategic move to consider for your business’ future, especially if you’d like more flexibility with building and growing your application. With the best-in-class, vetted services we provide, you can be sure about investing in a trusted vendor with us. Contact us here if you’re looking for a Kubernetes consulting service provider!

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