Why are Managed cloud services becoming more popular?

The complexity of cloud-based technologies like Kubernetes and service mesh platforms is pushing more business enterprises to consume Managed cloud services rather than deploying Kubernetes and the emerging service mesh platforms on their own. This fact was published by a credible IT news reporting agency. The principal analyst of the agency says that the developers are more interested to build and install microservices-based applications that are created using containers. On the other hand, business firms that are proficient in managing platforms like Kubernetes remain comparatively minimal. More developers now prefer effective Managed cloud services for managing Kubernetes and the required attenuated technologies.

Mostly, managed services are provided by cloud service providers. At the same time, with evolving cloud computing technology, there will be an increase in demand for managed service providers (MSPs) that deploy Kubernetes across numerous clouds.

Based on the cloud-based technologies, the agency report assessed the proficiency of 41 providers of different types of Managed cloud services. According to the report, few major corporate companies were doing well in the three different quadrants. In fact any report that is based on the quadrants, captures the status of the IT market sector only for a short period of time. In most cases, technical innovations that happened immediately after or just before a report gets published are not taken into account.

Tough competition ahead

The agency report makes it obvious that the competition is indeed tough among MSPs like IT service providers and the conventional IT vendors that have their extended reach into cloud services. Previously it was the internal IT departments of business organizations that used to deploy Kubernetes before Managed cloud services became popular. However, it is becoming difficult for many major IT companies to manage complex Kubernetes clusters at a large scale as a vast majority of internal IT executives are performing their tasks with a work from home basis in order to stay safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. In such an ongoing scenario, the only option is to opt for reliable and effective managed services. Adding to that, the initiatives required for digital business transformation have increased very significantly. Most of these need cloud-based technologies for deploying microservices initiated applications that are created with containers. The time taken to switch over to a new platform has become considerably less which is indeed a great advantage.

Previously, a minimal 20% of IT service consumption was accounted with managed services. Now in the new age of advanced cloud technology, there is an increase in IT service consumption with managed services. Currently speaking, it is not that clear to what extent managed services can be the basic way to consume Kubernetes and other related cloud-based technologies. However, it is sure that there will be an increased requirement to manage Kubernetes which will correspondingly result in the demand for more eminent Managed cloud services.

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