IaaS Explained: Infrastructure as a service, Pros & Cons

IaaS Explained: Infrastructure as a service, Pros & Cons – PART II

IaaS is only one of numerous cloud computing models, and it is complemented by alternative forms that include PaaS and SaaS. For PaaS, in enhancement to the infrastructure segments, service providers host, manage and offer operating systems, middleware and other runtimes for cloud users. While PaaS elucidates workload deployment, it also limits a business’s flexibility to design and develop an environment that they seek. With SaaS, the service providers host, manage and offer the entire infrastructure, as well as applications, for users. The user may only need to login and use the provider’s application, which runs on the provider’s infrastructure. SaaS is completely managed, maintained and conserved by the service providers which makes it more secure, seamless and risk free.

Use causes for IaaS

As technological demands are always evolving, the organization’s Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) optimizes the way it is consuming computing resources, enabling them to enhance the scalability of their IT environments saving time and delivering cost efficiency. We’ve analysed the most efficient use causes for IaaS in the industry and this might come handy for developing a killer IaaS strategy for your business. 

  • The add on services such as computing-as-a-service, disaster recovery-as-a-service, analytics or BI-as-a-service, and more.
  • IaaS can integrate with business intelligence tools since it can handle big workloads. It can deliver accurate business insights that help in predicting industry trends, produce new products and services and fostering better business relationships with clients. 
  • Networking-as-a-service support is a growing demand from the IaaS service providers. This is a best practice to count to free up in-house IT personnel for other priorities.
  • IaaS is an optimal way to run and manage testing and development cycles. It is perfect for critical projects that need to be delivered to the market more swiftly with higher scalability of computing resources.
  • Faster disaster recovery is the other major factor to shift-to or opt IaaS since data security provide organizations peace of mind than anything else. 

Statista predicted the worldwide growth of IaaS way before anyone. Recent studies prove that the entire industry is ruled by AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), IBM Bluemix, and Microsoft Azure. While picking IaaS providers, make sure you choose the ones who meet your business requirements such as expertise, availability guarantees, cost efficiency, and security certifications, accurately and efficiently. Flexible and efficient IaaS can be an effective game changer for all the organizations independent of the size. 


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