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Al Tools Of Major Cloud Service Providers Part 2

In the immediate future, you get a message on your smartphone telling you that there are no food items required to follow your diet inside the refrigerator. If this is something you wish to innovate, you will need to leverage a lot of AI, ML, and IoT for your innovation. We will now take a look at the major tools offered by major cloud service providers to companies so that they leverage the booming technology of AI and ML. 

Knowledge Mining

The name might be misleading for some as the feature is meant to extract data of different types from a single source. For example, a photo and education institutes from a resume or names of products bought and the quantity bought from an invoice. Knowledge mining is all about gaining insights more than just numbers. It’s about finding patterns, relationships, and more. This capability is further enhanced by the next feature. 

Azure Cognitive Search

Now you have mined heaps and heaps of data, now you need to find a pattern or a relationship between two metrics. For example, how many college graduates have loans? This can be further broken down as “does having a college degree means getting loans easier?” This kind of data is what drives markets and innovation of products and services. This where Azure’s Cognitive Search can help companies find patterns, connections and relationships. So what azure cognitive search does? All the mined data is broken down and further categorized from where new layers of data sets are created from which data points can be extrapolated.    


Perhaps one of the most well-known products of the entire Azure’s roster, onnx is the azure’s flagship open-source project aimed at accelerating machine learning across platforms, operating systems, and hardware units. 

Azure Machine Learning

Accelerating your end-to-end machine learning lifecycle with Azure machine learning, you can empower your developers and data scientists to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. Combine your AI and ML activities with DevOps with MlOps. Rest assured, your next innovation is on a secure platform. Regardless of the skill levels, with azure machine learning, you can build and deploy models with multiple inbuilt tools with low learning curves. Adopt MLOps or DevOps for machine learning within your organization, streamline, and accumulate all the machine learning activities into your existing lifecycles, from building models to deployment and management.    

Azure Bot Service

With Microsoft Azure, you can easily develop intelligent, enterprise-grade, and industry-ready bots that can help you enrich the customer experience while maintaining control and building of your data. You can build any type of bot from a QandA bot to your own branded virtual assistant to quickly connect your users to the answers they need, this will allow you to build a database of user expectations. You can also integrate the existing powerful AI capabilities with Azure Cognitive Services to keep pace with technological advances without a machine learning experience. Improve experiences by giving your users the ability to interact with your bot using natural language and speech capabilities.

Integrate Bot Service across multiple communication channels to reach more customers, more often. Add bots to your channels like your website or app, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Cortana, and Facebook Messenger to maximize your business reach everywhere.

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