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Al Tools Of Major Cloud Service Providers Part 1

In the immediate future, you get a message on your smartphone telling you that there are no food items required to follow your diet inside the refrigerator. If this is something you wish to innovate, you will need to leverage a lot of AI, ML, and IoT for your innovation. We will now take a look at the major tools offered by major cloud service providers to companies so that they leverage the booming technology of AI and ML.  

Google Cloud Platform

Google did really lean into AI and ML way before than its competitions, providing industry-ready solutions and products. For developers, Google has a wide array of designed to ease many tasks associated with building AI.

Google AI platform

Developers can use Google’s build with AI, this platform is aimed at developers to deploy their projects from finish to end. Using cloud AutoML developers can train highly custom machine learning models. With its AI infrastructure developers train multiple AI models. 

Conversational AI

Google AI’s product which is aimed at interactions, speeches, and conversations. Developers get access to text to speech and speech to text technologies powered by Google’s AI APIs. You get insights from google machine learning also so you create natural language conversations across platforms for your products and services.

AI for documents

This Google’s AI product is aimed at getting data from printed materials such as information from invoices, spatial data, and more. This AI can translate between languages between more than 200 languages and can recognize more than 50 different handwritings. Recently this AI has been able to complete complex mathematical problems as well.


AI for Industries 

Google AI can add subtitles to videos in real-time, making this useful for the entertainment industry and they can expand their viewership to demographics to which the spoken language is not native to. With access to the history of a customer’s interests, Google AI can generate recommendations in multiple platforms such as video sharing sites, social media, and eCommerce sites.   

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has been a favorite of startups as their pay model was something that was inviting and manageable for many. Azure has build its ML and AI features by developing its Azure Machine Learning and its products such as Databricks and ONNX.  


Azure Cognitive Services

Azure’s cognitive services come packed with a bunch of services such as text to speech, speech to text, translation between languages, speech translation,  building language into Apps, analyzing videos, face detection, form rejection, video indexing, and video subtitles. In short, Azure’s cognitive services are pretty domain-specific but developers do not need expertise with AI and ML as these services can be added to your products and services as an afterthought as well.  

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