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AI And ML With Google Cloud Services Part 2

In the previous blog, we saw how Google Cloud Platform products and features aimed at AI and AML. In this blog, we will see the real-world advantages of using the Google Cloud Platform. If we see AI and ML products of google cloud platform as a tool, you will expertise to utilize it to its maximum protection. This where Google’s AI and ML consulting services and Advanced Solutions Lab can help companies to innovate way above their skills and talents.

Google’s Consulting Services

With expert guidance from a Google certified AL and ML consultant, you and your company get the best knowledge on market requirements, market expectations, industry practices, and best guiding principles for successful implementations. You can improve the application’s life cycle by integrating it into your cloud. Be it on-premise, on the cloud, or even hybrid. Google’s expert consultants can help your company to install, configure, and setup of your applications. Get an expert on migration of your VMs from the cloud or on-premise to the place where is best suited to the application’s development lifecycle. Since you are jumping into AI and ML, it best to modernize and upgrade data warehousing capabilities, this will lay a solid foundation for your company to build their capabilities on AI and ML. Since all the software is in place for an AI and ML upgrade for your company, it is the hardware that is next. With guidance from Google’s consultants your company’s hardware infrastructure.

Learn From The Best

If getting outside consultants is out of the question, then you can always learn from the best as well. Google cloud platform comes with advanced solutions labs as well, from where you get your data engineers trained in AI and ML. The training lasts for four weeks where your team can choose a case and Google’s trainers will teach your employees about how the target was reached by deconstructing the case study. The trainers will teach your team how to tackle challenges, reach business goals, improve performance, how to integrate AI and ML into existing products and services, and more.


When compared with its competition, Google Cloud Platform is cheaper by at least 30% on many features. This is perfect of companies who are just testing the waters of AI and ML, they get many of the features needed to experiment with AI and ML for free. Even if you are apprehensive about using GCP, you don’t need to pay anything upfront for using the features on the free tier list. Even if you find yourself needing any part of a feature which is paid, there are no weekly, monthly or yearly subscription plans, all of the features are charged on a pay to use model. Google Cloud Platform also allows instant termination without any charges as well.

In Short

If you want to make splashes with AI or ML, then the google cloud platform is the best choice for you. Choose Google Cloud Platform for its flexibility and their competitive edge when it comes to their individual products and features supporting AI and ML.

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