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AI And ML With Google Cloud Services Part 1

According to many investment firms and financial services companies who invest in companies and by extension on the technologies, these companies are leveraging. Artificial intelligence is expected to have an economic impact of 13$ trillion dollars in this decade (2020 – 2030). This has to lead to massive investment and inventions with AI and ML, although these have used within industries like banking and e-commerce for a long time, these technologies are now integrated into everyday applications such as gaming, healthcare and more.
AI and Machine learning are the in-trend technologies as of now, companies are innovating with AI and ML for integrating into different industries. It’s not just the industry giants who are in the process of leveraging these technologies, it’s every startup and every entrepreneur with an idea in their mind looking at technological innovations disrupting the existing ways of doing things and collecting and acting upon data. Google cloud services were always one step ahead of its rivals when it came to adopting and implementing practical uses of cutting edge technologies and with AI and ML the story is no different.
Google cloud platform comes with prepackaged solutions of the top cloud providers like Google Cloud help integrate AI into products. Cloud is now being utilised for navigating ships carrying cargo, thereby connecting online and offline retail markets. It is also assisting companies with ML services in fintech for fraud detection and many more.

Google Cloud AI

Google has said that the company will be shifting to an AI-first world, so google cloud has made significant investments into their cloud AI capabilities and developed many AI-based APIs too such as Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech API and Natural Language API. Google has also made huge strides in conversational AI which is changing the landscape of customer service all across the world across many different industries. In machine learning, Google has been extracting data from printed and typed documents for a long time. This technology has developed further to translate documents to different languages, recognize between handwritings and extract complex data and differentiate them for example from an invoice, extract data about bill no, date, amount and more.

AI Platform

Google cloud services come with a dedicated platform which is purpose made for developers, data engineers and data scientists to perform their ML workflows in the conducive environment of their AI platform. With tools like TPUs and TensorFlow, data scientists and data engineers transform their ideas and concepts working prototypes using Google’s AutoML or the advanced model optimization. Data scientists and data engineers can also use third-party applications such as Jupyter as well.

Deep Learning VM Image

Google cloud services come with Deep Learning VM Image which makes it easy and fast to instantiate a VM image containing the most popular AI frameworks on a Google Compute Engine instance without worrying about software compatibility.

Tensor Flow Enterprise

The most popular machine learning platform in the world now comes with enterprise-ready features. Tensor flow enterprise edition now comes with enterprise-grade support, cloud-scale performance and managed services. With enterprise-grade support, companies can get priority security patches and bug fixes for up to three years. With cloud scale performance feature developers get access to multiple training and deployment models and on-demand cloud storage to handle workloads better.

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