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Enable cloud everywhere with hybrid cloud practises

There were two main questions that used to come to my mind when I ponder about the beginning of cloud enabled services. One, the concept “cloud everywhere”, is it a reality for users or just a hyped story. Second, what is the real nature of the cloud enabled services that are found on cloud platforms. 

Actually the concept of “cloud everywhere” is genuine. We all reside in a world where information or data are mainly circulated from edge into the cloud. Most leading businesses are now investing money and time into both private and public cloud platforms. However the basic problem is that the private and public cloud platforms have evolved through different ways. Public cloud environments use cloud service providers and the aid of advanced technology for hosting and sharing digital data. On the other hand, private clouds mainly depends on personal and on premises environments. 

Business firms knows that they will certainly get benefited by making use of both private and public cloud platforms. Nowadays most people are pondering of a reality where they can finally be able to think beyond the “cloud first” concept and instead think about the “cloud everywhere” ideology. So, instead of talking and thinking about silos in which applications and data is contained, you can easily concentrate on how good you will be able to make use of the hybrid cloud facilities for delivering your resourceful experiences to employees, your customers and also partners. However all these can happen when you are ready to take the following steps mentioned below. 

1, First think about security

Cyber security is a very important criterion that needs to be checked at the first place. But most IT firms leave that section unchecked and put it away till the completion of the project. Here we are talking about it first and you need to make sure that it tops your to do list for hybrid cloud computing activities. As per a credible survey report, almost 70 percent of business enterprises had to encounter a public cloud related security issue during the last year. It is not surprising that almost the equal percentage of the IT chiefs or leaders are in the opinion that security concerns have limited their transition to public cloud. 

 According to the cloud delivery director of a reputed organization, a part of the hindrance or problem is with the truth that most enterprises begin with a private cloud infrastructure where only minimal changes can be made to the security features. Once you move the data to public cloud service provider, matters can get more difficult. This is where you will require more automated features for moving data files around. Therefore you will have to adjust or make necessary changes to the overall security settings.  

2, Understanding your economics 

One of the major advantages of cloud enabled services is the speed and cost saving features that it can provide. But this is possible only when you implement it properly. You need to understand you economics in the right way, know your requirements and choose the right cloud service provider who can very well cater to your requirements.

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