Small and medium Businesses adopts new IT strategies to tackle pandemic challenges

Most of the small and medium business enterprises across the globe have been badly affected since the outbreak of COVID-19. 47% of the affected SMEs operate in India. Though this is the current scenario, small and medium enterprises that are ready to make swift movements to adopt new IT strategies are just not enduring the present challenges but also building a strong foundation to embrace a highly successful future in these post pandemic times.

The outsourcing of managed IT services to a reliable service provider is indeed one of the most successful technology initiatives for many small and medium enterprises. With cloud-based services and remote working facilities, most of the time bound IT service operations are now outsourced to cloud service providers. 

As per the latest study by a renowned SME and IT research organization, it is estimated that support and maintenance use almost 77% of IT staff time of small and medium enterprises. Only 23% of the staff time is consumed for innovative activities and transformation. Managed services enable SMEs to become more productive, cost-effective, and develop an increased sense of agility without the necessity for additional capital outlay. With the outsourcing of IT management tasks, more small and medium enterprises are now able to effectively utilize the time, energy, and skills of their technical team and focus more on implementing strategic initiatives for taking the business forward.

Improving employee experience for increased productivity

 Switching to the managed services platform is not just a time saver but also enables SMEs with talent retention. As per the research conducted and commissioned by a leading corporate IT firm, it was found that productivity levels and job satisfaction of small and medium enterprise employees are directly influenced by the tech tools and strategies they use. The research says that 80% of the respondents felt more productive because they were satisfied with their working strategies and tools. 

This clearly shows that proper access to technology accompanied by the right level of IT support makes a significant and positive difference in employee productivity and job satisfaction. For making business firms to be successful in this manner, queries related to IT by the employees will be quickly acknowledged with managed services from any region. It will be just like the employees from various locations have common access to gain correct information from the right device as per the service level agreement made between a particular small and medium enterprise and its managed service provider.    

Keeping the workforce safe and active

 Now with a vast number of executives carrying their tasks on a work from home basis, vital files and data are accessed from different networks, locations, and devices which are at times less secured when compared to the security aspects and working conditions of an office. This is indeed quite challenging for the IT technical team to have proper visibility and control over every employee, their networks, behavior, and devices, and can lead to cyber security threats.

It is no wonder that there was a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks that occurred over the past months where cybercriminals infiltrated business systems by taking advantage of unsecured endpoints and remote workers. 

To attain agility and resilience, eminent managed services use proper technical expertise to prevent such cyber threats. This calls for effective threat detection, endpoint management, remote wipe, protection of confidential information and restoration of the devices. 

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