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All about Cloud managed services

All-inclusive cloud management services providers like us can be the difference between 24/7/365 uptime or downtimes for updates and maintenance, no data losses, zero vulnerabilities and leveraging all the potentials of a cloud computing service. Most internal IT departments of companies do not have the prerequisite knowledge to manage the cloud environment, at least to the point which can be most beneficial towards the business goals as a long term investment. A managed cloud provider like Urolime can help companies to finetune their cloud performance to match requirements and expectations.

Cost savings

By outsourcing their Cloud services to a managed cloud provider like Urolime, companies can save money by not staffing a full time IT department. Most of the time, IT departments can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary for medium and small businesses. A managed cloud service provider like Urolime can provide you with the best cloud service management for the fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff, using the latest technologies and with the experts of cloud management services.

Hosting, Monitoring & Orchestration

If you are new to cloud computing or thinking of migrating within the cloud infrastructure from 

Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas) and Platform as a Service(Paas) layers. You will need the expertise of  a managed cloud provider like Urolime for best consulting. This also covers consulting when it comes to choosing a platform or about migrating to different types of cloud computing layers as well. 

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

The next iteration of backup as a service(BaaS), while BaaS is about protecting data and Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is all about protecting business continuity. DRaaS is a cloud computing model which allows an organization to back up its data and it’s IT infrastructure after a disaster. A managed cloud provider like Urolime can help you to continue your business activities after any unforeseen incidents.     

DevOps as a Service

If your company lacks expertise in DevOps, then DevOps as a service is something which becomes a must-have for any company. DevOps as a Service is aimed at management, collaboration, monitoring and reporting. DevOps as a workflow perfectly complements cloud computing for your development life cycle. DevOps and DevOps as a Service can coexist with the traditional development, testing and deployment processes and CD/CT and CD. With a managed cloud provider and a devops consulting company like Urolime, we can help you with getting accustomed to both DevOps and DevOps as a Service as per your requirements. 

Cloud Security

Hiring full IT professionals for cloud and cybersecurity for a small or a medium company will be a financial black hole for them. But with a managed cloud provider like Urolime you get access to cyber and cloud security professionals who are up to date with the latest threats and their countermeasures. While companies might have some comprehension about outsourcing their security operations, but cloud management services provider we bring a centralized security apparatus for your products and service with maximum dependability.     

Cloud Optimization

Every cloud service has some kind of “pay as you use model” and as your company grows you need to scale up or down your different cloud metric from cloud storage to VMs. This has to be done by professionals for two reasons, one to make sure your services and products have enough backing from your cloud computing service. Second, to make sure that you are paying for any features which you are not using on a regular basis. With a cloud management services provider like us, we make sure you are not above the consumption goals so that you are losing money or below the threshold that your products or services are getting affected.  

Predictive Cloud Consumption Analytics

Since we are a managed cloud service provider with considerable experience with multi cloud management, cloud service management and aws managed hosting.  In the years managing cloud services for our clients, we have a pretty good idea of how their cloud consumption will be with respect to their future plans and requirements. This helps you allocate funds for your assets and resources with much peace of mind without worrying about cloud consumption.   

Competition Ready Infrastructure

Your products and services are constantly evolving, staying up to date with technologies, matching upto the features of your competition and catering to demands and expectations of your clients. So, your infrastructure also needs to change as well. This is where a managed cloud service provider like us Urolime can be the difference between a successful update or a botched product update. We as a cloud managed services provider who can make sure that your infrastructure is ready to meet the challenges of your products and services

Up To Date Expertise

Just like your products and services, cloud service providers are also constantly updating their cloud computing features. So instead of in-house IT teams who are juggling the development tasks with learning about the new cloud service provider updates. Our cloud management services experts are up to date with all the updates and offerings of all major cloud service providers.  

About Urolime Managed Services

Urolime is one of the most experienced multi cloud management and started its cloud service management and IT Managed services around a decade. As one of the top Managed services companies in India, we have helped hundreds of customers to build their architecture design, deployment, migration, automation, security, optimization and 24/7 Management. Our IT managed services company in India has vast knowledge and experience in all major AWS services such as Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Database, Networking, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Services, IoT, Developer and Management Tools, Security and Application Services.

Urolime is known to be one of the best and reliable managed cloud service provider and a multi cloud management in India, who help customers round the clock. The in-depth knowledge and experience we possess in cloud managed services help our customers to avoid all hassles of migration to the cloud and multi cloud management and cloud service management thereafter. Our customers get the additional advantage of periodic analysis of the infrastructure which helps them to minimize their unwanted expenses time to time. As one of the top managed services companies in India, Urolime also conducts periodic security audits in its aws managed hosting to make sure the customer infrastructure is always secure without any vulnerabilities.

Urolime, being one of the leading managed cloud service provider in India has a lot of working experience in all major cloud solution providers like aws managed hosting, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode etc. Urolime is always up to date in technology and that’s why we have a very experienced DevOps Support Team. Our managed services company have helped a lot of customers to completely achieve the deployment automation and infrastructure automation with industry best Configuration Management Tools like Ansible and Puppet and Continuous Integration with the famous and most used Jenkins.

Cloud managed services is one of the core expertise of Urolime and we have a 24/7 Monitoring & Support Team operated from our Network Operation Center (NOC) in India. Urolime is one of the preferred cloud managed services in India and the backend support team for IT Support Companies, Software Development Companies, Cloud Solution Providers and Hosting Providers. Our white labeled support solutions help these partner companies to have their own remote support team with minimal operation expense with access to a large talent pool.

Our cloud managed services company have helped Web Hosting Companies, Managed Service Providers, IT Support and Software Development companies to have their Dedicated IT Team for their long term projects and support. Our Dedicated aws managed hosting model is 100% successful business model for all of our customers and the customer possess complete control over the team as in their remote office.

Urolime Technologies has made groundbreaking accomplishments in the field of Google Cloud & Kubernetes Consulting, DevOps Services, 24/7 Managed Services & Support, Dedicated IT Team, Managed AWS Consulting and Azure Cloud Consulting. We believe our customers are Smart to choose their IT Partner, and we “Do IT Smart”.
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