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Amazon EKS makes it easy to run Kubernetes

If you’ve used Kubernetes, you know how good it is. It has the flexibility to manage heavy traffic. Container workflows are automated as Kubernetes manages container orchestration and workflows on a daily basis, including logs, storage, and networking. Amazon EKS is one of the managed Kubernetes services that simplify the way Kubernetes works on AWS. 


Kubernetes better supports business objectives when running the Amazon Kubernetes Service (EKS). Kubernetes running on Amazon EKS can give better benefits for the management, deployment, and scaling of container applications. EKS is the best way to run containers on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and offers a rich ecosystem.


What is Amazon EKS?


Amazon EKS is certified compatible, which means all the current applications running Kubernetes are compatible with EKS. Kubernetes controls the node levels responsible for container scheduling, application availability monitoring, cluster data storage, and other critical activity that Amazon EKS automatically handles.


Rest assured, with Amazon EKS, you can fully enjoy the advantage of the performance, scalability, and reliability of AWS infrastructure. It also helps integrate AWS security and network services such as ALB for the distribution of load, role-based access, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) integration. AWS Virtual Private Cloud supports role-based access control and pod networks.




Control Plane

There are Kubernetes control planes running in multiple AWS availability zones on Amazon EKS (AZ). Amazon EKS automatically controls the etcd persistence layer, scalability, and availability of the Kubernetes API server. Another advantage of Amazon EKS is the ability to automatically detect and replace complex nodes at the control level in the event of a cluster failure.


Service Integration

You can use the AWS Controller Kubernetes (ACK) to manage AWS services directly from your Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes applications use the AWS ACK service to make them accessible and scalable.


Cloud-based console for Kubernetes

EKS is a one-stop shop for managing, viewing, and troubleshooting Kubernetes applications on Amazon EKS. Kubernetes clusters have a unified console with EKS, and all clusters are accessible to the AWS-hosted EKS console, which is available to all users.


EKS Updation

Kubernetes operational capabilities can be extended using the ECS plug-in commonly used in production software. Additional software can be configured and maintained using EKS. To run additional features in the EKS group, such as Kubernetes tools for monitoring, networking, scaling, and integration of AWS services, you can select it when the band is introduced.


Group-managed nodes

You can manage nodes using Amazon EKS using one command. You can also use Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to reduce the cost of these nodes. Nodes in the managed node group run Amazon EC2 cases using the latest ECS-optimized or custom AMIs in your AWS account, while performing appropriate upgrades and shutdowns to keep your applications online.


Benefits of Amazon EKS


Amazon EKS is a fully managed service. It means you can enjoy all the benefits of Kubernetes without having your own experts or worrying about maintaining your own infrastructure. EKS eliminates the need to design high usability and scalability for controller nodes, allowing administrators to focus on clusters and workloads. It also eliminates the need to maintain your Kubernetes control plane, install, and operate. Instead, you can manage the apps running in your cluster or use the Kubernetes control screen to organize individual resources.


Kubernetes currently uses a VPC network, so you can use EKS for seamless integration with AWS services (refer to ENI-type IP addresses when defining your network, as EKS worker nodes define maximum per node work included). Additionally, all applications running on Amazon EKS are back and forth compatible with applications running in existing Kubernetes environments, allowing you to switch to EKS without any code changes.


Urolime EKS guidance and expertise 


If you want to run containers on AWS, you have three options: run your own cluster, use the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), or use Amazon EKS. Managing your own cluster requires skilled in-house experts to maintain it, which incurs huge costs. It also puts pressure on the organization to keep up with the Kubernetes experience. Alternatively, you can use Amazon ECS, but only a Docker-managed service without ECS service detection, open source updates, and community support.


What you really need is a Kubernetes consulting service provider with extensive experience managing, deploying, and scaling Kubernetes container applications on Amazon EKS. An expert consultant who can help you achieve your business goals by providing the experience, resources, and strategic insights you need to get the most out of EKS.




One of the main selling aspects of contemporary cloud computing platforms is high availability. You want your customers to be able to access your application or service at all times from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Without having to install, run, and maintain your Kubernetes control plane, Amazon EKS makes it simple for you to run Kubernetes on AWS.


You build an Amazon EKS cluster, set up the infrastructure, deploy the cluster, and incorporate applications. Although Amazon EKS gives you full access to AWS logging features, it is crucial to have better visibility and monitoring tools for your Kubernetes clusters. You can use different third-party tools that are compatible with your setup because EKS is a part of the greater AWS ecosystem.  A cluster may be created, deleted, or upgraded with a single command, which makes it incredibly user-friendly, and the only drawback, it restricts the amount of customization possible.

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