Best Testing Tools for DevOps

With the adoption of DevOps methodology, it created a significant change in the workflows of those organisations that adopted it. DevOps is the practice in which the developers an operations departments work together to achieve a common goal for the organisation. However, DevOps adoption is not that easy as it requires great skills, leadership qualities, the right personnel and resources. With successful DevOps implementation, it enables your operations professionals and developer experts, to work together in comfort.

The Testing Environment

In the DevOps environment, there are literally many processes and tasks that must be continuously done, these processes are done by automation so that the developers can focus on other tasks. In a software development cycle, one of the most important areas is the testing phase. By using certain tools, the testing phase can be done with less burden and with more focus. The thing about these tools is those it provides functions such as automation, error detection and more.

The Tools

Some of the tools used for testing purposes in the DevOps environment is described below.

Jenkins: It is one of the most common names for CI/CD. Jenkins is a Java-based CI server. Jenkins is popular in the market as an open source automation server. It helps in automating all common tasks of continuous integration that includes building, testing and deploying tasks.

Jenkins has a wide range of plugin support and offers more than 1000 plugins that allow users to integrate a great range of tools. As Jenkins is a free, open source and popular CI solution, those who need all these features, are able to customize the environment according to their needs.

Selenium: Selenium is a well-known software testing platform for web applications. Selenium offers a simple interface for creating automated challenges. It has four major components which provide four different approaches for automation testing. These components are commonly known as the Selenium Suite of Tools.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a continuous integration and continuous deployment server developed by Atlassian. Bamboo Ties automated builds, tests, and releases together in a single workflow by integrating with other Atlassian products such as JIRA, Bitbucket, Stash, Hipchat and Confluence. Bamboo is powerful as long as it is being used with Bitbucket and JIRA.

Also, Bamboo is quite simple to use and only requires less time for adding multiple tasks by the user. It is also used for DevOps testing. The environment permissions feature allows the  QA and developers to deploy their applications to the runtime environment.

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