The Use of CI/CD through DevOps in Mobile App Development

Technology is constantly evolving with the incorporation of simplicity, & usability which makes any applications attractive to a layman as well as professional. The latest technology in creating mobile apps starts with inculcating cultural philosophies, tools, and practices which gives a fresh approach to the whole dynamics of mobile app development. DevOps combine software development […]

Scaling DevOps In Your Organization; Altering Organizational Culture

DevOps practices help in achieving the business goal of all sorts of businesses. Although the size of the organization plays a greater role in the procedures, the principles it provides applies to all organizations. DevOps businesses progress much swiftly than many other businesses today without losing efficiency, effectiveness or security. The larger the organizational structure, […]

8 Best Practices For Securing Microservices And Containers

Swift deployment and increased independence of services have made microservices which is made popular amongst the developers, convenient and approachable for organizations.  However, transferring from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture fosters many issues, among which security affairs are the most significant ones to consider. Microservice architecture based applications accommodate thousands of containers, significantly […]

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