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DevOps in 2019 Part-I

DevOps is becoming the most widely accepted methodology among organisations. DevOps is a software methodology that is adopted and practised by almost all organisations all over the world. DevOps practices include agile planning, continuous delivery, continuous integration and monitoring of applications.

DevOps has evolved big time since the term was coined in 2009. DevOps has become the main focus and has been shaping the world of computing for the last few years. According to experts, it is said that DevOps is going to be the mainstream and its popularity is going to reach its peak in 2019.

The Trend of DevOps

The DevOps momentum is occurring within all industrial sectors. While the healthcare, banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors are leading the charge, all of them leverage DevOps to support their business transformation towards speed and agility. Some of the DevOps trends in 2019 are as follows:

Shifting From CI Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines

CI pipelines were developed to handle complex workflows but they were limited to developer-focused workflows. A DevOps Assembly Line can be termed as a Pipeline of Pipelines. Organizations currently prefer to invest their time and effort into understanding more about automating their complete software development process. DevOps Assembly Lines helps in automating end-to-end workflows across all teams and tools, thus enabling Continuous Delivery.

Primary Focus on Automation

Automation is the future is of computing. Even though it doesn’t mean everything has to be automated, but if such a situation arises, then we must be able to perform automation procedures. Also, by automation, all sorts of manual errors can be eliminated and results in faster and more efficient working. Understanding the 6 C’s of the DevOps cycle and performing automation between these stages is the key, and this is going to be the primary focus in 2019.

Learning to Code

Testers who know to code and automate scripts to test various cases are always in huge demand in DevOps. It is always recommended to learn the code. Understanding different DevOps tools and automating scripts plays an important role in software development and this is going to dominate in 2019. If the testers are unable to learn to code, then they will be dropped out. Manual testing will become obsolete in 2019 as it consumes a lot of time and can result in errors. Automation in testing not only increases the efficiency but also ensures that the results are delivered faster to the market.

Stay tuned as more features as it will be explained on Part-II

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