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Effective cloud testing features for better business functioning

There can be times when you might give a thought about which type of testing is better, is it on-premise testing or cloud-based testing that can be more beneficial to your organization. Well, to get a clear idea of the same, let’s first see what the hurdles out there are when you go for testing on the premises.

Limitations of on-premises testing

You can consider premise testing as a good option only when you want to carry out testing for your web application against minimal platform combinations. However, on the contrary, you might want your web application to perform effectively against multiple devices, browsers, and platforms. This calls in for expanding your on-premise testing infrastructure and that requires a substantial investment. Therefore scalability happens to be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to on-premise testing.

Continual maintenance tasks and IT up-gradation are two main premise criteria required for inter browser testing for your web applications. This calls in for the deployment of a dedicated infra and IT team who are proficient in advanced trends of web application testing scenarios and capable of upgrading the in-house infrastructure accordingly. This can result in the increase in your annual budget increment you have set aside for your IT expenses. Chances are likely that your team’s productivity gets hindered as their efforts and focus will get concentrated on infrastructure up-gradation and the daily works related to it. Maintainability is another big challenge that you might face with on-premise testing methods. 

The scalability of the tests can get hampered as you might have to go with a tight coupling of test cases and suites. This scenario can arise when you think about selling your existing systems and you might have to set up the on-premises testing infrastructure from the very basics. Therefore cloud-based testing has always the completive edge and highly cost-effective when compared to on premise-based testing. 

Cloud testing works on both functional mode of testing and non-functional mode of testing. Different methods of cloud testing are there deployed for different purposes. You can see the different methods of cloud testing as mentioned below.

 System Testing

You can conduct this type of testing to ensure the optimal working condition of web application features.

 Interoperability Testing

This is the type of testing you can perform to check if the application is working effectively without a change in the infrastructure.

Security Testing

This testing is extremely critical to ensure security features are effective and the code used in the application is secured. 

Disaster Recovery Testing

With this method of testing, you can stay assured there won’t be any data loss and nothing to worry about any setbacks that might occur due to technical issues like cloud downtime.

Browser Performance Testing

This testing method is almost the same as browser compatibility testing. You carry out browser performance testing to ensure that the application provides an excellent user experience, regardless of the OS combination and browser that are used for testing.

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