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Migrating to cloud from the on-premise office setup and the hurdles to overcome

Take a look at the major hurdles a business enterprise or organization has to face while migrating all the pivotal data and applications to the cloud from the on-premise office setup. It seems like most businesses now realize the advantages of deploying their operations and working strategies through the cloud rather than from the on-premises working environment. The cloud platform is a highly dynamic scenario that makes the migration process an easy and comparatively trouble-free process for progressive infrastructures. Effective cloud migration has to face numerous challenges which include a selection of the proper architecture, manage the expense control, and the need for scaling up the learning curves. Therefore it is highly recommended to make sure that the entire process, right from the planning, assessment, estimation, and execution is done by professionally managed cloud providers. Read along to know about the major challenges that most companies face when they go for cloud migration.

Remodeling the model of cloud data 

Different categories of data stores support different categories of schema. Azure provides SQL, MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, Big Query supports SRTING and AWS Redshift provides Postgre SQL. And few specific data types don’t have support such as BLOB and geographic coordinates. The managed cloud providers increase data storage capacity with a better performance level and in a much less expensive way when compared to the need for using JOINS on tables that are stored on the distributed servers. It is not adequate to regulate the data model once for resolving the differences. Keeping both the data models in continuous synchronization mode is very important as they keep changing over a while. 


Data security becomes a serious concern once your migration activity is done with substantial credit and momentum. This is a stage where permissions tend to become hard to handle. However, it also allows you to assign the entire groups and the corresponding roles that require access to the cloud facility and resources and go ahead with adequate planning. Proper configuration and monitoring is the benchmark that determines the efficiency of eminent managed cloud providers and their capability to assist you well during the lengthy migratory process.

Azure is well aware of the responsibility they have towards their millions of customers who trust them for providing data security. Similarly, renowned managed cloud providers must ensure optimal security standards clocked by various financial, business, healthcare, private, and government institutions. Therefore it will be easy for these institutions to be qualified for highly recognized and standard certifications such as PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001.

Connecting basic data applications with datastore

Another major hurdle is to upgrade the interfaces that are used by the custom data applications for connecting with the datastore. That’s why both ODBC/JDBC drivers behave roughly with each other though they are maintained and supported together. To change the database driver for a particular application might require numerous query parameters. Few changes will be noticeable on the very first usage. This is because there is a probability for SQL statements to cause visible errors. Other changes can be less noticeable since other types of ODBC drivers can do small data conversions. 

Every business enterprise has to overcome several hurdles while they migrate data from on-premise settings to cloud. Therefore it is highly recommended to make use of the services provided by advanced managed cloud providers who can deploy their team of skilled cloud engineers with state-of-the-art cloud strategies and tools.

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